A Month of School Lunch Ideas

Out of brown-bag school lunch ideas? Check out these easy, creative packed lunches your kids will love.



A Month of School Lunch Ideas

  1. Does your kid only eat PB&J? Try these 5 ways to tweak this lunch-box standby.
  2. Spruce up a tuna sandwich by rolling it in a wrap and slicing it into pinwheels. Get the recipe!
  3. Try these tasty pesto turkey wraps: Spread whole-wheat wraps with your favorite prepared pesto. Arrange thin slices of turkey, romaine lettuce, slices of tomato, and slices of cucumber on each wrap. Sprinkle with grated carrot. Roll up, cut in half, and serve with fresh fruit.
  4. Looking for a meat-free option? Pack this creamy avocado sandwich (your kid won't even miss the turkey!): Mash a ripe avocado with lime juice, salt, and pepper to taste. Spread on two slices of bread. Top one slice with Monterey Jack cheese and tomato. Layer with second slice of bread.
  5. For kids who like snacking and dipping, try nut butter packets (we like Justin’s Almond Butter). Pack crackers and apple slices for DIY lunch fun.
  6. Meatball subs are a filling lunchtime riff on last night's meatloaf. Get the recipe for both!
  7. Save some sliced steak and onions from this 30-minute dinner to make steak panini for lunch tomorrow.
  8. Get two meals in one from this recipe: roasted chicken and apples tonight, chicken wraps for lunch tomorrow.
  9. Breakfast for lunch? (We say, "Why not?") Any of these 4 fast breakfast ideas can double as a filling lunch.
  10. Pasta + veggies = healthy and kid-pleasing. A serving of this yummy pesto ravioli with vegetables is a great midday meal option.
  11. Soup is easy to keep in a lunchbox thermos. Fill one with a favorite veggie soup. Pack with some crackers spread with peanut butter as a side.
  12. Kids love anything they can dip! Forgo the typical sandwich for hummus with pita wedges and raw veggies.
  13. Here’s a sweet treat you can really get behind: Mix a little apricot jam into low-fat mayonnaise and spread on whole-wheat bread. Layer with turkey, slices of apple, and lettuce.
  14. Spread a flour tortilla with dijon mustard. Arrange sliced turkey and shredded cheese in center. Top with grated carrots and chopped cucumber. Roll up and cut into pinwheels.
  15. Take a BLT to the next level with an Italian PLT: proscuitto, lettuce, and tomato (yum!). Get the recipe.
  16. Granola's a delicious option any hour of the day. Make a batch of our crunchy granola to last the whole week. Pack along some yogurt and a hard-boiled egg for protein.
  17. Rice and beans leftovers make a great filling for burritos.
  18. Skewer your kid's favorite pizza ingredients on toothpicks for kebabs (try tomato, mozzarella, pineapple, and Canadian bacon).
  19. Ranch and hummus aren't the only dip options. Sliced fruit pairs well with this sweet sauce: Mix together an 8-ounce block of softened cream cheese, 2 tablespoons of milk, 4 tablespoons of brown sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Cover and keep refrigerated.
  20. If your kid leans more toward sweet than savory, a banana-blueberry muffin with some fruit and a cheese stick or a hard-boiled egg can make a balanced lunch. Get the blueberry muffin recipe!
  21. Vary a deli-meat sandwich by rolling up sliced roast beef, herb-cheese spread, and lettuce in a store-bought crepe. 
  22. Mini quiche, anyone? Scramble a few eggs with the cooked veggies and a little shredded cheese. Freeze the extras and dole them out when you’re in a pinch. Get the full recipe!
  23. Spread Israeli Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, and lemon juice!) and hummus on lavash wraps. The recipe is super simple!
  24. Slice an English cucumber into spears and sprinkle with black and white sesame seeds. Combine 2 Tbsp ponzu sauce with 1 Tbsp duck sauce in a small bowl. Serve with the cucumbers for dipping. 
  25. Who doesn't love chicken pot pie. Shortcuts like rotisserie chicken and refrigerated pie dough make this dish a snap to throw together.

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