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Scholastic Gives Back

Partnering with communities helps bring books and reading to all children

Throughout Scholastic corporate headquarters in New York’s SoHo, employees are surrounded by Scholastic’s mission and credo—literally. The words, printed on the carpet, wind down hallways and through the building. It’s a powerful image for those who visit the building: that Scholastic is a corporate citizen of a truly global world, and takes the Company mission seriously.

Scholastic taps into its core strengths of publishing and distribution to improve the lives of underserved children through partnerships, innovative outreach programs, and strategic in-kind giving, addressing the realities that many children do not grow up in literacy-rich environments or have access to quality books, and that families need information and assistance as they support their children’s development as readers and learners.

Programs such as One for Books, in which Scholastic matches the spare change participants of Book Fairs donate and then donates books to national non-profits, and ClassroomsCare, which empowers students to learn about reading and giving through Scholastic Book Clubs and ultimately help donate 1 million books, help place books directly into the hands of kids who need them. Then there’s Scholastic Book Grants, a corporate in-kind giving initiative that helps the Company meets its goal of ensuring that each of our book donations has a significant impact on fostering literacy. Through programs like these and through other partnerships, Scholastic donates millions of books annually. In 2010, Scholastic partnered with Save the Children to establish an education recovery fund to serve as an ongoing fundraising vehicle for long-term recovery focusing on rebuilding educational infrastructure and providing critical educational resources and materials to children in need. Find out more about giving back at www.scholastic.com/giveback.