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Welcome from Dick Robinson

My father, Maurice “Robbie” Robinson, laid the foundations of a company the world now knows as Scholastic. Since then, our focus has always been to instill a love of reading and learning in children around the globe. Through each of Scholastic’s divisions, from book publishing and distribution to media, from education to technology to classroom magazines, literacy remains the cornerstone of all that we do. Because now more than ever, literacy is the key to survival and success in the 21st century.

I hope you’ll take a look through these pages and see where we began, and how the roots of a single idea my father had have grown into a global company that reaches millions of people every day. The world has changed immensely since Scholastic was established in 1920, and yet the customers we serve still have the same needs: quality, affordable books and entertaining, educational materials and media. And we’re proud to continue serving them.