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Top Dog

The recognizable character continues to leave his paw prints

In 1963, Scholastic published a little picture book by author and illustrator Norman Bridwell about a big—really big!—dog named Clifford. Who could have predicted that decades later, Clifford the Big Red Dog would be the most beloved dog in children’s literature, boasting more than 125 million books in print, two television programs, interactive applications, videos, movies, consumer products and more?

Today, Clifford is a transmedia hound with his paws in many places—in schools, at home, online, and on screen. Clifford television episodes air in 110 countries worldwide, and he boasts numerous products, from interactive games, DVDs, plush, board games and even his own traveling museum exhibit! In 2009, he even got his own cause: BE BIG!™ is a national campaign that invites everyone to take action and raise awareness for how Clifford’s Big Ideas (Share, Play Fair, Have Respect, Work Together, Be Responsible, Be Truthful, Be Kind, Believe In Yourself, Be A Good Friend, and Help Others) can make the world a better place. Since its launch, the annual BE BIG IN YOUR COMMUNITY CONTEST has generated over 1,600 BIG ideas from over 41,000 participants to inspire change in their communities, and the movement is getting BIGger.

Fortunately, Clifford’s size has never gone to his head. Even as an international star, he remains a charming, lovable mutt with the special gift of sparking in children a love of learning to last a lifetime.

Clifford's Big Ideas