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The Original Home-School Connection
Scholastic News

Delivering age-appropriate, content-specific news that inspires students to get invested in current events

Ninety years after the launch of Robinson’s brainchild, Scholastic Classroom Magazines publishes 30 titles for grades preK through 12, reaching more than 20 million students and teachers across the country and internationally. Scholastic News®, Junior Scholastic®, and The New York Times Upfront® (in partnership with The New York Times) deliver age-appropriate coverage of current events, while subject-specific magazines such as Storyworks®, Scholastic MATH®, and Science World® support and enrich different areas of the curriculum, and the U.K.-based Mary Glasgow magazines offer foreign-language titles.

Launching in 2010, Scholastic News Interactive offers a 21st-century take on the classroom magazine with its up-to-the-minute news updates, digital editions, videos, and audio read-alouds. Now with online content for each Scholastic magazine, M.R. Robinson’s legacy is sure to continue long into the future.

“Magazines are the foundation on which Scholastic was built,” says Rebecca Bondor, Vice President, Editor in Chief of Scholastic Classroom Magazines. “They remain at the heart of its mission to promote reading and learning, and to help young people understand the world around them.”

Junior Scholastic

Did you know?
The award–winning Scholastic Kids Press Corps grew out of Classroom Magazines in 2000 and covers national, international, and cultural news in ways that, in the words of program founder Suzanne Freeman, allow kids to “see the story through the eyes of their peers.” From their new home at www.scholastic.com/kidspress, the Kid Reporters, who range in age from 10–14, are diving headfirst into digital journalism and social networking.