Iconic Children's Books Turned Into Buzz-Worthy Shows and Movies

Discover favorite books that inspired big-time Hollywood movie adaptations and popular television shows!

Dec 13, 2022



Iconic Children's Books Turned Into Buzz-Worthy Shows and Movies

Dec 13, 2022

Many of the greatest movies and television shows stem from iconic books — and your child will be excited to connect to stories they enjoy on and off the screen. A great way to bond with your child is by having a conversation about how a given show or movie differs from the book. Kids will be eager to point out the notable similarities and differences of their favorite stories.  

For instance, your growing reader will enjoy reading Upside-Down Magic — an upbeat book about shape-shifting and school mishaps. Nory, a 9-year-old superfan of peanut butter cookies, learns to navigate her oddball experiences in magic school. She and her friends, who are outcasts at school because of their wonky powers, are tasked to save everyone from the forces of evil. Your child will see the magic come to life by reading the book and watching the 2020 movie. 

Fans of the bestselling Owl Diaries series will love seeing the fun and friendly Eva in the new animated kids and family show — Eva the Owlet — on Apple TV+. Your kid will enjoy the countless adventures Eva and her friends will go on, like organizing a spring festival and creating a band, in the woodland world of Treetopington. 

There's also Clifford the Big Red Dog: The Movie Graphic Novel — a fun graphic novel (with original illustrations and exclusive new scenes) based on the hilarious and heartwarming 2021 movie. Your child can follow along with the adventures of Emily Elizabeth and Uncle Casey as they try to stop a genetics company from taking Clifford. 

From Hunger Games to Harry Potter, iconic books have had a huge impact on readers and pop culture. Your child will cherish the memories they make from both reading the books and watching the movies with you. 

Encourage a love of reading with help from our guide, which includes book recommendations by interest, tips for getting your child to read for fun, and much more.

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