The Best Book Series for 8- to 10-Year-Olds

Explore some of our most exciting collections for kids in upper elementary.

Nov 22, 2022



The Best Book Series for 8- to 10-Year-Olds

Nov 22, 2022

When your child starts a new series, a world of possibilities opens up for them. For kids in the 8- to 10-year-old range, the benefits of reading series includes expanding their imagination and improving reading comprehension and vocabulary. A good series they love can be a source of comfort, relaxation, and even laughs (in fact, funny books play an important role in your child's library). 

Whether they're fans of fantasy, nonfiction, or anything in between, these series have something for every kind of reader and their interests. For example, your child will be enthralled by the action-packed Wings of Fire graphic novel series, where they'll follow along as tribes of dragons in the land of Pyrrhia navigate a long-standing war. 

If your child loves animals and science, the Who Would Win? series will capture their imagination. Filled with detailed photos and fascinating facts, each book pits two or more of the world's most dangerous animals against each other based on their unique survival traits. 

The Smile, Sisters, and Guts Box Set is a collection of relatable graphic novels that follow the adventures of Raina — a young girl navigating friendship, school, and family. Your reader will learn social-emotional skills while enjoying the beautiful images from the books. 

Meanwhile, older readers will lose themselves in the magical world of Harry Potter, the boy wizard destined to vanquish the evil Lord Voldemort with his best friends, Ron and Hermione, by his side. 

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