The Best Family Read-Alouds About Feelings

Help your child better navigate and understand their feelings with books that encourage social-emotional learning (SEL).

Apr 15, 2024



The Best Family Read-Alouds About Feelings

Apr 15, 2024

Feelings come in a variety of shades, and being happy, sad, or grumpy is a normal part of life for everyone. But for young kids, it can be difficult to not only understand emotions, but also to know how to express feelings appropriately and effectively. 

Family read-aloud time, however, is a perfect opportunity to help kids open up! It's also a great moment to talk to your little ones about a time when you might have felt similar emotions to show them that they’re not alone in their feelings. 

Explore these 10 amazing books that teach important lessons and promise quality family time.

These social-emotional learning (SEL) read-alouds help young readers make sense of their emotions while guiding them on how to put feelings into words. The highly likable characters, relatable story lines, and engaging illustrations make these read-alouds particularly endearing to read together as a family

Plus, check out the most popular read-alouds the whole family will love.

For instance, help your child meet their best self with the books in Learn About: Your Best Self (Pack of 4). From being brave, honest and kind, to being a good friend, these relatable stories will explore some of the most important social-emotional needs of young readers.

To make sure these books have a big impact during read-aloud time, use facial expressions, different voices, and body language to bring these emotions to life. This will help your child learn how to identify, recognize, and express their own feelings — and better navigate their emotional world

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