The Loveliest Books About Friendship

Introduce your child to these heartwarming tales of friendship and love.

Aug 31, 2023



The Loveliest Books About Friendship

Aug 31, 2023

Friendships are an opportunity for invaluable companionship — and for adventure, too! Books about the positive power of friendship can teach young children important social-emotional skills. Building friendships strengthens empathy and kindness, and also builds confidence, all of which are invaluable lifelong skills! 

For instance, the sweet book When a Friend Needs a Friend is a beautiful story about two friends who learn how to support each other through happy and sad times.  Meanwhile, titles like Don't Call Me Grumpycorn explores the many ways friends can show respect towards each other, and the importance of playing well and getting along with each other.

There are many benefits to reading books about friendship and opportunities to apply the lessons learned to real-life situations. Read aloud these books and discuss how to cultivate meaningful relationships with your kid. Your child will feel more in touch with their emotions and others as they learn important social skills like collaboration and patience. 

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