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BE BIG in Your Community Contest


Make the BE BIG Promise to show how your small, simple actions can make the world a better place.

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Make the BE BIG Promise


Clifford's BIG Ideas are listed below — along with suggestions about how to incorporate BIG actions into your every day life. Take the time to do a BIG activity with a child. And remember — it only takes a little to BE BIG!

Share your Newspaper or magazine when you are finished reading it
Do an activity with a child
Be a Good Friend
Support your friend in whatever they choose to do
Do an activity with a child
Be Kind
Show your appreciation for your co-worker/spouse/family member on a daily basis
Do an activity with a child
Be Responsible
Follow through with anything you take on
Do an activity with a child
Be Truthful
Be honest at work and at home
Do an activity with a child
Believe in Yourself
Start sentences with I CAN and I WILL instead of I CAN'T or I WON'T
Do an activity with a child
Have Respect
Be respectful of others by acknowledging them when they deserve it
Do an activity with a child
Help Others
Offer your assistance when possible- at work and in your community
Do an activity with a child
Play Fair
Make sure everyone in your home is treated fairly
Do an activity with a child
Work Together
Cooperate with others on projects in a home or business environment
Do an activity with a child

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Scholastic is working with HandsOn Network to activate the BE BIG campaign in the local community through the BE BIG Fund. The purpose of the BE BIG Fund, which is administered by HandsOn Network, is to raise awareness about Clifford's BIG Ideas and how their application can help to make the world a better place. HandsOn Network is the largest volunteer management organization in the nation, which equips, mobilizes and inspires people to take action that changes the world.
HansOn Network

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