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Believe in Yourself Episodes & Activities:

These episodes are intended to inspire! The characters of Birdwell Island are no different from anyone else when it comes to dealing with self-confidence. The concept of believing in oneself is role-played among the characters. Stories support the idea that it is good to try new things and help others feel good about themselves in new or uncertain situations.



SYNOPSIS: Emily and Charley recruit the dogs to help them with a show and Cleo is surprised to discover she has stage fright! But Cleo learns that the support of a good friend can help get you through a problem.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that giving someone encouragement is sometimes all they need to face their fears. The characters give Cleo that kind of support when she was terrified to dance in front of a crowd. They helped her believe in herself. Learning to help others believe in themselves can help us believe in ourselves too!

Where do we get confidence? Confidence comes to us when we are brave enough to try new things. The secret is to keep trying again and again, even if we fail. We will eventually get better and better and have the confidence we need to do our best. Other people give us confidence when they cheer us on or tell us that we can do it! Is there something you have confidence in doing?
ACTIVITY: A Grand Performance!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to learn and perform a silly poem while acting out the actions.
  Materials: Clifford's Silly Poem
  What to do: You are a star! Learn this silly poem and have great fun creating the movements to go along with the words. You could sing this poem to a favorite tune or sing to one of your own original tunes! Perform your heart out and hear the rave reviews for your talent! Bravo! Bravo!
  Clifford's Silly Poem
Be a little kitten circling to catch her tail.
Be a stinky pig that is eating from a pail.
Be a squeaky mouse nibbling on some cheese.
Flutter like butterflies flying in the breeze.
Be a smelly fish swimming in the pool.
Pretend to build a barn with a hammer as your tool.
Hop up and down, leaping like a frog.
Dig a hole for your bone like Clifford the Big, Red Dog! Bark, bark, woof, woof, I am having fun.
Ruff, ruff, come and play with me in the sun!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Find someone to take you to a real play! You might decide to audition for the next leading role!
  Make a list of things that you are confident at doing. Think of one thing that you are not confident at and set a goal to give it your best effort so you can become confident at it too! You can do it!
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SYNOPSIS: Charley can't seem to learn how to juggle, but he learns that you don't have to be the very best at something to enjoy doing it!

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that it is good when we can laugh at ourselves, have fun trying new things and not be too concerned about being perfect.

Is it ever fun to be silly? Oh, yes! Being silly means that we act funny! Clowns act silly, pets act silly when they get excited and run around or jump on us, Clifford acts silly, too! Can you make a silly face or dance in a silly way? Let go and get silly!
ACTIVITY: Silly Willy, Silly Woe, Silly, Silly, Here we go!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to act silly with friends and express themselves in new ways!
  Materials: Sprayable Whipping Cream, Clown Make-up and oversized clothes, giggles!
  What to do: Here is an outdoor and an indoor suggestion for acting silly!: Outdoor silliness- Have fun with whip cream by standing 2 to 3 feet apart from a friend and take turns spraying each other. Wear your bathing suits and be sure to do this outside!! You will make a delicious mess! Indoor silliness- Dress in oversized clothes that don't match, apply your clown make-up and practice your silly act! This might be a good time to visit someone that needs cheering up! Share your silliness and make someone else smile! It is also fun to mix your own clothes together and have a race to get dressed. You may end up with a strange and different set of clothes! Talk about looking silly!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Decorate a large potato with a funny face by using food and objects in your kitchen! Have a contest to pick out the silliest potato face!


SYNOPSIS: The dogs go to school for the first time, and T-Bone worries that he won't be able to keep up with the class. He works hard & pays close attention, and in the end his efforts are rewarded. Everyone is praised for his or her unique qualities.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that it is important to work our hardest to learn new things. Receiving rewards and affirmations for our efforts gives us the encouragement we need to succeed!

Are you a person of discipline? Most certainly, yes! Discipline is the act of being focussed and sure about why you are working your very hardest to achieve a goal. When you are disciplined, there is nothing that can keep you from putting forth your best effort to do something. What are you disciplined about? Maybe it's practicing your alphabet and numbers or learning how to ride a bike. What ever it is, it is good that you are disciplined because this means you will probably be very successful!
ACTIVITY: Listen Up!
  Dog-gone fun ideas!:
  Play "Simon Says" and see how your listening skills are! It's fun!
  Set a goal to be disciplined and do something at the same time everyday for a week. It could be feeding your pet, making your bed, or giving someone a special hug! Can you do it? Sure you can!


SYNOPSIS: T-Bone gets a new sweater and, after Mac teases him about it, is too embarrassed to wear it.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that having confidence to be ourselves takes courage, especially when others make fun of us! Real friends will like us no matter what we look like or where we live. We just have to work on remembering this and spending time with friends that appreciate us for what we are inside!

Where do we get confidence? We find confidence when we are successful at something or someone helps to give us courage to try something new. We can feel good about being ourselves when others believe in us, too. Spend time with someone that encourages you and helps you to believe in yourself. T-Bone found confidence when his friends wanted to play with him, even when his felt embarrassed about what he was wearing.
ACTIVITY: Paper Dolls...No! Paper Dogs!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children opportunity to dress Clifford and his friends in silly sweaters and accessories!
  Materials: Printable dogs, printable Clifford, printable accessories, printable sweater for Clifford, scissors, glue
  What to do: Now you can dress Clifford and his friends in silly clothes! Color the pictures of the dogs and their accessories. Cut them out and glue them on the animals to create a really silly dog picture! Talk about why T-Bone felt embarrassed about his silly sweater and what happened to make him feel better about himself.
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