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Work Together Episodes & Activities:

These episodes support the concept of teamwork and cooperation. Children learn to interact with others most often through observing how others treat them within their own environment. These episodes model common situational conflicts with positive resolutions to teach children valuable lessons about getting along with others. TV characters model working together in a group successfully to meet a cooperative goal or accomplish a personal task in fun and meaningful ways.



SYNOPSIS: Emily feels a little jealous that Jetta gets to go to the amazing Titanic Tower in the exciting big city. Emily learns that there are some pretty amazing things right in her own backyard.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that some of our most memorable adventures can happen close to home and with the people we might least expect. The characters show children that sometimes what others do or have isn't always better or more fun for us. Emily had more fun letting Clifford entertain her than if she had gotten to go with Jetta.

Amazing, what does this word mean? When something is amazing, it is super interesting, very different or exciting, unordinary, unusual, and special. You are amazing! A flower blooming is amazing and a caterpillar changing into a butterfly is amazing! Oh, there are many amazing things all around us. Just take a look around and you will see!

My Journal of Amazing Things!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to discover new and amazing things about nature, animals, people and structures by first-hand observation.
  Materials: Drawing paper, colors or pencil, folder
  What to do: This journal is going to be your visual record of anything that you think is amazing! It might be a cocoon on your backyard tree, fire flies at night, an unusual building or someone that you find extra interesting. Fill your folder with blank pages and keep your colors handy. You will find amazing colors, shapes and people to draw all around you! This journal will grow and grow as you continue to find more amazing things around you each day! Be sure to date and sign every picture!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Start a collection of something, anything! Bugs, leaves, stamps, signs, old toys, books, postcards. Let your imagination run wild!
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SYNOPSIS: Cleo has a hard time giving up her role as "leader" in a game of Follow The Leader, but soon learns that playing is more fun when friends cooperate.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that playtime with friends is much more fun when we take turns and cooperate with everyone. Learning how to do this is an important step in a child's social growth.

How do we cooperate? We cooperate by being considerate of other's ideas when we are together. You cooperate when you play or work with someone even if you don't agree with them all of the time. Being cooperative is a good thing, especially if you expect others to cooperate with you too!
ACTIVITY: Operation Cooperation!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to cooperate with each other by taking turns in this traditionally fun game.
  Materials: Friends!
  What to do: Everyone wants to be the "leader" and in this game you can all get that chance! Here is a fun suggestion: Everyone is a dog like Clifford. Have fun doing all the crazy things that dogs do like scratching, barking, digging, rolling over, running, sleeping, tail wagging, and panting! What's fun about this game is that you can be so creative!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Name the leaders in your neighborhood or community and talk about why they are respected.
  Draw a picture of your favorite leader. It might be someone living in your home!
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SYNOPSIS: Emily goes away for the night and Clifford must spend his first night without her. "It takes a village" to get him through, but this community has the kind of spirit that can do anything if they put their mind to it!

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that sometimes we have to ban together and work like a team to help someone get through a rough time. Learning to recognize someone's loneliness and giving them comfort is an unselfish and commendable trait.

Have you ever been lonely? Most everyone has felt lonely at sometime. It is a feeling that makes us think we are all alone. It is an empty feeling that can only be cured by someone's attention. Do you know anyone that is lonely? Maybe you are just what they need to feel better!

Caring Bears!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to identify someone lonely and share their time and special talents with that person.
  Materials: Old stuffed bears or stuffed animals.
  What to do: Think of someone that might be lonely and prepare a sweet note about why you think they are special. Fluff up, clean up, and give your old stuffed animal some tender loving care. Attach the note to one of your bears or animals and take time to present this "Caring Bear" to your friend. Spending a little time with someone lonely can make their day so much better. They will love their gift and time together with you, but most of all you will leave with the best giftÖthe gift of caring.
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Get a group of friends together and start collecting "Caring Bears" to take to your local nursing home or hospital.
  Commit to visiting someone lonely on a regular basis. This will give them something to look forward to. You will really make a difference!


SYNOPSIS: Emily and Charley are having a hard time deciding what kind of float to make for the annual Birdwell Parade. But they learn the importance of compromise in making everyone happy.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that compromise is an important element in accomplishing a goal, especially when everyone has great ideas.

Have you ever seen a float? This word can mean several different things, but in this episode a float is something that the characters ride on in the parade. Floats are fun to decorate. They make parades festive and exciting! Have you ever ridden on a float? Find out when your community is scheduled to have a parade. Maybe you and your friends can decorate a float and win a prize!
ACTIVITY: Mission Accomplished!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to work together to achieve a goal.
Materials: Sugar cubes (enough to make a rocket, space station, house, skyscraper, or Clifford's doghouse!), cardboard or cookie sheet for base
  What to do: Decide with your friend what you are going to make with your sugar cubes. Together, carefully place your cubes on the cardboard or cookie sheet. You can use glue on each piece if you want to keep your structure together. Have fun and be creative. Have you ever seen sugar dissolve? After you are finished and if you don't want to keep your design, put the cubes under some warm running water and watch them disappear!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Find a friend to work a fun puzzle with!
  Want to see one of Nature's best examples of working together? Find an ant bed or someone with an ant farm and watch these amazing insects accomplish their goal! Wow, what we can learn from an ant!


SYNOPSIS: Jetta and Emily trade dogs for the day. Jetta learns that being kind and thoughtful gets you a lot further than being bossy.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that being bossy is not the best way get along with your friends or have fun. Learning to treat others in a thoughtful, kind and courteous way is important when you want them to cooperate.

CLIFFORD'S NEW WORD: Courteousness
How do we show courteousness? We show courteousness by being thoughtful, kind and considerate. Being courteous is a very nice way to treat people. You gain other's respect when you show them courteousness. It's opening a door for someone, saying thank you or not interrupting someone when they speak. It is admirable to be a courteous person.
ACTIVITY: Courtesy Makes Cents!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children an opportunity to identify courteous acts and reward the acts by adding coins to a simple money jar!
Materials: Mason jar or anything with a lid that can hold coins, decorations
  What to do: Decorate your Courtesy Jar with paint, ribbons, or anything fun you might have around the house! Set a reward goal for filling your jar. Each time you "catch" someone in your house being courteous drop whatever loose change you can find in your jar! Before long you will have reached your goal and be able to treat yourself and your family with a fun reward! How about an ice cream or a movie ticket? Wow! Being courteous really can pay!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Make fun surprise rewards for people when they are courteous to you! It might be a coloring page or just a big, fat hug. Let them know you appreciate their kindness toward you!
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