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Help Others Episodes & Activities:

Children love to BE BIG helpers! But as these episodes illustrate, it is quite normal for a child to be unsure or afraid of something unfamiliar or different. Identifying with character feelings will help the child learn more about personal feelings related to uncertain people or situations. A child can use examples in the stories to learn how characters turn their situations into positive experiences. By encouraging communication and logical reasoning, a child can begin to form independent ideas about how to perceive different people. A child that feels safe, secure and confident is more apt to be an ambitious, enthusiastic helper!



SYNOPSIS: The library sponsors an essay contest for Islander of the Year and the children all submit their ideas. But somehow, all their tales feature Clifford, and he is ultimately chosen as the winner. The kids learn that sometimes a real hero is the one you least expect.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that helping people every day in all sorts of ways is how we really make a difference in other's lives. We don't have to be the most obvious helper but one that is dependable and always ready and willing to serve others.

What is a real hero? A hero is someone that does something heroic, brave, and unselfish. There are many kinds of heroes and they are everywhere! You might think of a sports hero or a hero in a movie you've seen but did you know that you could possibly live with one or have one in your neighborhood? Think hard, ask around and find some heroes that live or work close to you! Chances are they will have a good story to share with you!
ACTIVITY: Hero For The Day!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to reward heroes in their own life by awarding them with a special hero badge!
  Materials: Printable badge page, straight pins, scissors
  What to do: Surprise your heroes with this special HERO BADGE OF HONOR! Color each badge, cut it out, then find your hero and pin on his or her badge. What a special surprise for them to be recognized by you! Be sure and tell them why they are your hero!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Visit your local library and discover the many books about heroes!
  Write and draw about a famous hero in your community.
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SYNOPSIS: This flashback episode tells the story of the day the Howard family moved to Birdwell Island. The town is full of preconceived ideas about what it will be like to have a huge dog on the island. But they soon learn that Clifford has much to offer and they shouldn't make assumptions before they know the facts.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that it isn't always fair to judge someone by their appearance. It takes an effort by everyone to get to know and appreciate someone new and different.

What is an island? An island is a body of land completely surrounded by water! You must travel by boat, fly, or swim to get to an island. Have you ever heard of Hawaii? This is a group of islands located in the big, blue Pacific Ocean. Do you live on an island?
ACTIVITY: Island Find
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives the child an opportunity to recognize and locate the islands of the world by using a globe or world map.
  Materials: globe or world map
  What to do: You are about to go on a great journey around the world! Use your globe or map to find every island in the world. They are all right before your eyes! Which island is the largest? Name the island that is closest to where you live? How do you get to an island? Are all islands shaped the same? What keeps an island from floating away? Do you see an island that would be very cold? Where do you think Birdwell Island might be located?
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Find the oceans of the world on your globe or map. How many are there? What can we all do to help keep our oceans clean?
  Go to your library and find books about animals that live in the oceans. There are thousands and thousands to discover!
*This episode also supports Clifford's Big idea: HAVE RESPECT


SYNOPSIS: T-Bone is afraid of the noises made by the annual Founder's Day fireworks. But with the help of his friends, a compromise is found that makes everyone happy. Cleo and Clifford are good friends and understanding of T-Bone's fear of loud noises.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that everyone is afraid of something and it is kind to respect someone else's fear. A good friend can help us overcome our fears and feel better about ourselves.

Noises can be soft, loud, scary, or peaceful. Noises are sounds that someone or something makes. Name some noises you like and dislike. Why do some noises scare us? And what noises make you laugh and feel good? Make your favorite noise. How did Cleo and Clifford help T-Bone not be so afraid of loud noises?
ACTIVITY: Make a Joyful Noise!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to make a variety of simple rhythm instruments and experimenting with their own self-expression!
  Materials: Paper plates, sticks, empty spools, bells, bottle caps, small boxes or cartons, dried beans, dried peas or corn, pebbles, toweling rolls, cans, wire, yarn or string, wood blocks, rocks, sticks, sandpaper
  What to do: Use these material to create a variety of : shakers, cymbals, beaters, clappers, tambourines, drums.
- Remove plastic from inside bottle caps. Punch a hole in the center of bottle caps. String caps on wire and begin shaking! You can also string the wire through a towel roll to make an easy handle for your caps.
- Stringing bells with spools makes an interesting instrument. Spools can be painted to look seasonal or festive!
- Paper plates make great tambourines. Color the plates. Put pebbles, dried peas, corn or beans between the plates and staple or sew the plates together with bright yarn or string.
- Cartons or cans make great shakers. Just add the ingredients inside to rattle and secure opening. How about some sticks to drum these with?
- Paint two small blocks or rocks and glue sandpaper to them, then begin rubbing!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Close your eyes and listen. Identify all the different sounds you hear. This is fun to do in different locations! What noises scared T-Bone?
  Go to your local music supply store and discover the many kinds of instruments there are and their unique sounds.
  What would a world without noise be like for you? Find someone that knows sign language and learn how to communicate with your friends without making a single noise. This is a very rewarding and valuable skill to learn!


SYNOPSIS: Cement is being poured at the new Birdwell Island recreation center and the kids and dogs are invited to leave their handprints in the cement. But it is quickly discovered that Clifford’s pawprint is just too big to stay! Seeing Clifford’s disappointment, his friends work together to find a way to include Clifford—and everyone’s delighted when Clifford’s pawprint becomes the new wading pool for the very young children of Birdwell Island.
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SYNOPSIS: Mr. Bleakman appears to the dogs to be particularly grumpy one day. At first they are upset with him, but then they overhear Mrs. Howard say that sometimes a grumpy attitude can be changed through acts of kindness. This inspires the dogs to perform a series of "secret good deeds" to see if they can turn Mr. Bleakman’s frown into a smile. They are surprised to learn that performing kind acts makes them feel much better too!
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