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Be Kind Episodes & Activities:

These episodes and activities illustrate that loving someone can be unconditional, even when it seems impossible! This entire series continually shows how the friends on Birdwell Island always have to deal with each other's actions. A great example of kindness is when Emily Elizabeth takes Clifford home and loves him, even when he continues to grow, and grow, and grow! Acts of kindness and acceptance are precious gifts to give one another. And this is certainly happening all around Birdwell Island!



SYNOPSIS: Emily finds a baby bird and has to take care of her until she can fly home. This doesn't leave her much time to play with Clifford. Clifford learns that, even when she's busy with other things, Emily will never stop loving him.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that sometimes we have to allow our best friends the opportunity be friends with someone else and be understanding about it at the same time. There are times when others really need our friendship, just like the baby bird needed Emily. Children can develop coping skills for these common situations by identifying with the characters in this playful episode.

Has anyone ever shown you kindness? Probably so! Kindness is the act of being kind. It means someone is nice, gentle, loving toward you, and is willing to help you out. Kindness is a wonderful gift to give away to others. The best thing is. . . that you already have it inside you! Now, go find someone to give your kindness to! And remember, the more you give away, the more you will get!
ACTIVITY: King or Queen of Kindness Checklist & Award Certificate
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to create and record their own acts of kindness toward other people and receive recognition for their good efforts.
  Materials: Printable Kindness Checklist & Kindness Certificate
  What to do: Brainstorm with someone to list 10 acts of kindness that you would like to do for others. Put this list on your refrigerator and each time you share a specific act of kindness with someone, check it on your list! When you have checked every act of kindness, have someone fill out your certificate. Let this award be a reminder of the great effort you made to be kind to others!
*This episode also supports Clifford's Big idea: HELP OTHERS
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SYNOPSIS: In flashback, we see how Cleo shook things up when she first moved to the island. T-Bone learns to accept a new friend in the neighborhood.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children the concept of acceptance. Learning to give ourselves time to appreciate someone new is an important step toward making new friends.

And what does this mean? It's Spanish for "Hello! My Friend !" This is a cheery greeting for you to say to someone today! Do you remember who spoke Spanish to T-Bone? It was Manny!
ACTIVITY: Old Friend, New Friend Bracelets!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to identify a current friend and a new friend. The child will then make a friendship bracelet for him/herself and each friend.
  Materials: Bracelet making supplies (home items can be used; buttons, noodles, string, yarn, old jewelry.)
  What to do: Make a friendship bracelet for a friend that you already know really well and a new friend you would like to get to know. Don't forget to make your own bracelet too! Invite both of your friends to play and surprise them with their own special bracelet. What a nice thing to do for old and new friends!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Plant something with a friend! It is so much fun taking care of your plants together and watching them grow. How about giving your plants to new friends? What a nice thing to do!
  First, make a mud pie in a disposable tin pan. Then write your name in the mud and let it dry! You might decorate it up with some small rocks or flowers. When it is ready, give it a friend and watch them smile
*This episode also supports Clifford's Big idea: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF


SYNOPSIS: In this flashback story, we learn how Emily and Clifford got together and how Emily's love changed the "runt" of the litter into the biggest dog around!

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that our love for someone else can be the beginning of something wonderful. Emily fell in love with Clifford the very first time she saw him. Experiencing a special affection for someone else unconditionally is important in lasting relationships.

What is a memory? A memory is a thought from the past. Do you have a memory of the last time you climbed a tree, played with your pet, or ate a huge ice cream sundae? Each day our amazing brain collects and stores memories in our mind for safe keeping. It's like a picture book or tape recording about something that we saw, heard or experienced. Emily shared her fond memories of Clifford as a puppy with her class. These thoughts were from her memory.
ACTIVITY: Guess Who?
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children an opportunity to recognize and name the characters of Birdwell Island.
  Materials: Printable characters, printable dogs, printable Clifford, ice cream sticks, scissors, glue, colors
  What to do: Test your memory and name these characters of Birdwell Island! Color each character then cut them out and glue each figure on a stick. Take turns with a friend and try to name every character! You might even remember something a particular character said or did in an episode. Can you talk like the characters?


SYNOPSIS: Mr. Bleakman manages to make the park "off limits" to dogs, only to discover that he misses them when they're gone.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children the importance of appreciating others and accepting that everyone makes a mistake from time to time.

How do you show appreciation? You show appreciation by being appreciative! This means that you demonstrate in some way your gratitude and thankfulness. Appreciation can be shown in many ways by your thoughtful actions or kind words. It is a wonderful feeling to be appreciated and when you show someone else your appreciation it usually comes right back to you!
ACTIVITY: Bird Watching Binoculars!
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to create their own binoculars to watch birds just like Mr. Bleakman!
  Materials: One paper towel roll or two shorter rolls, tape
  What to do: Make your own binoculars and become the neighborhood expert on bird watching! Take two equal roll lengths and tape them side by side. Decorate or color them and you've got binoculars. Now, all you need are some birds to watch!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Visit your local pet store or zoo and discover the world of birds.

Cast birdseed into your yard or place the seed in a dish outside and watch the bird's land for a snack!

  Learn more about birds by visiting your library. There are magnificent books on birds to enjoy and share with your family and friends

Always be on the look out for feathers outside. You will be surprised how many you can find on the ground. This might be something new for you to collect!

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