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These episodes emphasize the importance of sharing and learning positive social skills needed for successful relationships within a group setting. Children learn to reason, make good decisions, and understand sharing by observation and role-playing. Positive role models for young children can lead to the development of healthy relationships throughout life.



SYNOPSIS: Cleo gets a new toy and doesn't want to share it. Cleo learns it's no fun playing with a new toy without your friends.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that a sharing attitude is much more fun and brings friends closer together. It is important to learn this act of kindness at a young age, as it will help children to have healthier relationships within the home and in other environments where it is necessary to share and get along with others.

What does sharing mean? Sharing is a very kind act that means giving something to someone else. Sharing with others is considerate and nice. Can you think of someone that has shared something with you before? How did it make you feel?
ACTIVITY: Share This!
OBJECTIVE: This activity reinforces the act of sharing by encouraging children to share their favorite object for a short time with a friend.
  Materials: Objects of some kind that children voluntarily feel good about sharing. This could be a toy, book, self-created picture, snack, flower, etc. Even a special place like a swing, sand box, nap mat, etc.
  What to do: Cleo discovered that playtime was more fun when she shared with her friends. Find a pal and trade something during playtime so the both of you can see how much more fun it is to share! (Caregiver, make time to discuss the concept of sharing and have children give oral examples of their experiences with sharing. Make this a non-threatening event by letting the children have opportunities to make cooperative decisions about their sharing experience and understand that this it a temporary situation.)
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
Now, this is sharing!
  Divide one big glob of clay to make two works of art. When you're finished, put them together again and start all over!

Find something that you think someone else might like to play with. Wrap it up and give it to them! They might just find something to share with you too!

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SYNOPSIS: Charley gets a new telescope and is reluctant to share it with his friends. He assumes they will be mad at him, but finds that his friends are more understanding that he thinks.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that sometimes friends don't exactly understand each other, especially when it comes to sharing toys. Learning to take care of and protect something special is being responsible. And trying to explain that to friends can be quite difficult. The characters work this dilemma out and show how we can compromise and have fun at the same time.

What can you see with a telescope? How about the sun, moon and stars! A telescope is a long tube or instrument that magnifies objects far away. This means that you can see different parts of our solar system right from your own backyard! That's amazing!
ACTIVITY: Telescope and Solar System
OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to assemble a telescope, solar system mobile and become explorers of outer space.
  Materials: Telescope: toilet paper rolls, colors, ribbon Solar System Mobile: One coat hanger, printable sun/planet page, colors, yarn or ribbon, glue, scissors
  What to do: Decorate your telescope with colors and ribbon. Color your sun and planets, cut them out and attach them with the yarn (different lengths) to the coat hanger. Hang up your new solar system and look at the wonders of the universe in your own room with your own telescope! How about using glow-in-the-dark paint?!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Visit your local planetarium and discover what's so exciting about outer space!
  Use binoculars or a real telescope and see what you can discover at a distance!
*This episode also supports Clifford's Big idea: HAVE RESPECT
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