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Play Fair Episodes & Activities:

These episodes reinforce the idea that treating friends with fairness is a rewarding experience. Children see that teamwork means that everyone works together and everyone benefits in the end. Playing fair means not teasing or being boastful, even when you are better at something, but rather being humble instead. The idea of playing fair reinforces honesty, being a good example and most of all, being true to your friends, no matter what!



SYNOPSIS: Everyone, including Clifford, must work as a team to put on this year's Fall Carnival. But it doesn't seem fair that Jetta is more of a "boss" than a team player. Jetta learns the importance of doing your part as a part of a "team".

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that working together and treating everyone with fairness is the best way to have fun. Learning how to play fair will help children interact more successfully in both the home and learning environment.

Have you ever been part of a team? A team is made up of more than one person that works together to do something. You and a friend can have a team or you and many others can get together to make an even bigger team! It's like a baseball team, basketball team or team that you might have on the playground when you divide up into groups at playtime. Playing fair and working together is what teamwork is all about! Do you know anyone on a real team?
ACTIVITY: Team Mural!
OBJECTIVE: This activity promotes teamwork and cooperative learning by encouraging children to share ideas, space and materials to produce a creative mural.
  Materials: Paper large enough for two or more children to draw on together, colors, markers or paint.
  What to do: Share your ideas, materials and paper to create a fantastic mural. Your mural might be about Clifford and his friends or you and your friends. This is a fun team effort! After you finish, hang up your mural so that everyone can see what great artists you are!
(Caregiver: Suggestions: Murals many times illustrate a story or a significant scene. Show pictures of a mural if possible and discuss that it is really special to have the opportunity to create a mural with other great artists!)
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Be on the lookout for murals around your town. They often are on the sides of buildings!

Get out your sidewalk chalk and create a mural outside.

*This episode also supports Clifford's Big idea: BE RESPONSIBLE
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SYNOPSIS: T-Bone finds himself in a contest with Mac. He doesn't win, but he does his best. T-Bone learns that you don't have to win to feel good - you just have to do your very best.

APPLICATION: This episode teaches children that competition is a good thing, but so is playing fair. Being the winner is sometimes not as rewarding as the recognition for being a great competitor! Children can see this when T-Bone's friends cheer him past the finish line even when he did not come in first.

What does the word best mean? It is a word we use when we talk about something that is better that anything else. The best! You are the best! Think about how many things you are the best at doing. Is it making your bed, coloring, dancing, or riding a bike? It's good to feel like you are the best at doing the things you really like, and you are!

OBJECTIVE: This activity gives children the opportunity to compete with friends or caregiver in a fun and positive way!
  Materials: Paper bags for everyone and a person to be the timekeeper.
  What to do: This game is fun because you get to make up the rules! Here are some suggestions: You have two minutes to find anything that begins with a "C" for Clifford. It must fit in your bag! When the time is up, everyone counts their objects and a winner is announced! Change the rules and play again. It's fun and if you play enough and help each other, everyone can be a winner! Oh, and be sure to return each object back to where ever it belongs! This will keep us all out of trouble!
  More dog-gone fun things to do!:
  Cooperative Museum: Have your friends to enter something they have created themselves (art, song, recipe, etc.) in a neighborhood exhibit. Give everyone a prize of some kind for entering, then invite people to come and see this great exhibit! Suggestions for prizes: Most original, unusual, creative, significant, environmental, colorful, wildest idea, etc.
  Go to your library and find books about animals that live in the oceans. There are thousands and thousands to discover!
*This episode also supports Clifford's Big idea: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF


SYNOPSIS: Vaz babysits for Bob - a cute, but not very well-behaved little dog that Dr. Dihn recently acquired from the dog pound. This little mischief-maker is very good at getting into trouble ≠ and causing Clifford to get the blame! Several people think Clifford has suddenly developed some very bad habits ≠ but Emily Elizabeth never doubts her big dog for a minute. The truth about Bob finally comes out and Clifford receives apologies from all his doubters.
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