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Kristy's Great Idea - The Graphic Novel

May 2015

Hi, readers!

I'm happy to share the news that the first book in The Baby-sitters Club series, Kristy's Great Idea, is available now as a full-color, graphic novel! Many of you may already be graphic novel fans, but it's possible that some of you are wondering what a graphic novel is. Simply put, a graphic novel is a full-length story that is told in comic-book style panels. An individual panel may consist of art only, or may include narrative that describes the action or show actual dialogue that is spoken by the characters. In panel after panel, on page after page, the story is laid out in words and pictures for the reader to enjoy.

Raina Telgemeier is the talented artist who illustrated Kristy's Great Idea. Several years ago, Raina was at Scholastic discussing potential graphic novel projects with my editor, David Levithan, when she happened to mention that she was a Baby-sitters Club fan. This interested David, who asked her if she wanted to work on the BSC books. Raina eventually brought to life four of the early books in the series as graphic novels in black and white. This is when I first met Raina, and I was an instant fan of her work. She did an amazing job telling each of the stories using the original text combined with her compelling artwork. Since those original black-and-white books were published, graphic novels have become more and more popular, so much so that David decided to re-release the books, this time in full color.

I'm excited about these newest books. What better way to introduce The Baby-sitters Club to new readers than through this engaging rendition of Kristy's Great Idea? And for longtime fans of The Baby-sitters Club books, this new full-color edition is yet another way to enjoy a favorite story.

If you haven't yet read a graphic novel, you can check out the selection in your school and public libraries. The increasing popularity of the graphic novel means there are more titles and more genres to choose from - fiction, non-fiction, drama, adventure, comedy - you name it! I'm happy that there is yet another interesting way for writers to share their stories with readers. But I'm mostly excited to think about a new generation of readers discovering Stoneybrook, Connecticut, and meeting Kristy, Stacey, Mary Anne, and Claudia in full color.

Kristy's Great Idea will be followed by The Truth About Stacey (August 2015), Mary Anne Saves the Day (November 2015), and Claudia and Mean Janine (February 2016).

Happy reading!