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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

October 2006

Hi, readers! “I CAN’T BELIEVE SUMMER IS OVER!” That’s actually a quote from an e-mail I wrote last week, and yes, I did indeed use capital letters and an exclamation point. I’m sure many of you feel the same way, especially now that school is in full swing and once again there are projects to tackle and homework assignments to complete. And while I’m always happy to dive back into my writing routine and busy work schedule each September, I do love those lazy vacation days when the most important item on my to-do list is walking my dog Sadie.

This summer was full of my favorite activities - sewing, gardening, reading, relaxing, and visiting with family and friends. In July, I traveled to my parents’ home in Pennsylvania to celebrate my father’s 81st birthday. It was an extra-special event because my Kentucky relatives, Aunt Adele and Uncle Paul, joined my sister, brother-in-law and eight-year-old nephew for the festivities. Later in the month, my mother’s side of the family gathered to attend the wedding of her older brother Rick. Yes, her older brother! Uncle Rick, a widower in his mid-80’s, married his 82-year-old fiancée in a lovely church ceremony held in their hometown in New Jersey. It was truly a family affair, with various sons and daughters of the bride and groom participating in the wedding, including my cousin’s teenage daughter playing the flute, and the bride’s granddaughter and grandson in the roles of flower girl and ring bearer. To add to the happiness of the day, one of my cousins announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child in December.

In early August, I joined a good friend of mine and her two children for a much-anticipated vacation on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. It was probably the prettiest week of the entire summer, with glorious weather, clear skies, and no humidity. We spent our days visiting galleries, sightseeing, taking walks, and browsing through one of my favorite bookstores. It’s become a tradition for us to plan one evening during our stay for an outing to Menemsha Beach, a beautiful area on the northwest side of the Vineyard. Menemsha is a very small beach overlooking a gorgeous harbor, and the perfect place to watch the sun go down. We got there early with our blankets and our dinner and watched as the sun slowly disappeared over the horizon. It’s such a spectacular sight that people actually applaud when the sun has finally set.

The final days of summer found me back at home, tending to one of the best vegetable gardens I’ve had in years, getting started on my Christmas sewing (including my cousin’s December newborn to smock for), and in general, just relaxing and regenerating. And isn’t that what summer is all about? I hope your summer was as happy as mine, and that you’re energized and excited about the possibilities of a new school year.

Happy reading!

Love, Ann