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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

February 2002

Sometimes I dream about waving a magic wand over the hundreds of photographs I own. I imagine the pictures flying out of drawers and boxes and then dancing their way into beautifully arranged photo albums, all in chronological order, and all with clever little captions that perfectly describe them. Then reality sets in as I sit crosslegged on the dining room floor, surrounded by many years of unorganized photographic memories. Every picture reminds me of a happy event, and before I know it, time has slipped away and nothing has been accomplished!

A few days ago I was laughing over some of the many pictures I have of my pets. They are a very photogenic bunch! Then an idea occurred to me — why not post some of the pictures from my collection on the webpage so my readers can see them? I always love looking at the pictures that fans enclose when they write to me, and now I have the perfect opportunity to send some pictures back!

Since my pets provided the original inspiration, I decided to debut this new feature with a four-legged theme.

I hope you like these pictures. I’ll be sure to post some new ones every few weeks. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire me to take out my own magic wand and finally finish this project!

Happy reading!