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Main Street Featured Book: Main Street
Main Street
Real girls, real friendships: Ann M. Martin's heartfelt and mega-bestselling series Main Street is all about sisters Flora & Ruby trying to make it through the often messy business of growing up. Discover their world in Camden Falls, now available in eBook formats!

To: My Fans!
From: Ann
Ann M. Martin Library at Smith College

Hi, readers! When my first book, Bummer Summer, came out in 1983, I officially became a published author. I started a file for Bummer Summer, where I could keep drafts of the manuscript and anything interesting or important to the creation of the book. As future books were completed, I added bulging files to my cabinets. Thirty-one years later, I've written or co-written over forty novels, plus a number of series such as The Baby-sitters Club, Main Street, and The Family Tree saga. If you're wondering if this eventually added up to a lot of files, the answer is yes!

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