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February 2008

Hi, readers! After another beautiful autumn, winter has settled into the Hudson Valley in New York. As much as I love the crisp, cold air and the frequent snowfalls, the wintry weather usually means that I end up spending a lot less time outside and a lot more time inside. In my last online entry, I shared some pictures taken of my yard and garden in the fall, just as the leaves were changing. Now that the trees are bare and snow is on the ground, it’s the perfect time to take you inside the house and show you some pictures that were taken just a few months ago. So won’t you come in?

(Click on the pictures below for a larger view.)


Here is a picture of me at my dining room table, which is where I’ve done most of my writing for the past few years. You can see by the zillions of papers and books covering the table that I need lots of room in which to work – and eventually I outgrew my desk. (There’s Sadie curled up on the floor next to me.)

Here I am in the kitchen. I treat myself to a cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of tea in the afternoon, but I bring my mug right back to the dining room (you can see the table through the kitchen doorway) so I can keep on writing.

This is my den, which is where I do my exercise workout five or six times a week (okay, three or four times a week!). I usually turn on the television or pop in a movie to make the time go faster.

The person who owned my house before me was an artist, which was lucky for me, because I could convert his large art studio into an office. The bookshelves along this wall hold the Little Sister and Baby-Sitters Club series, both U.S. and foreign editions. Did you know that the books were printed in nineteen different languages?

One of my favorite and most used rooms in the house is my sewing room. I had the island built in the center so it is the perfect height for me to lay out and then cut sewing patterns. The closets and drawers hold fabrics and yarns, which are sorted by color and type, along with patterns, sewing magazines, and needlework books.

A few years ago, I started making greeting cards for family and friends. I design birthday, Halloween, Easter, Valentine, baby, and anniversary cards with supplies I either order online or buy at a local craft store. It’s been a fun and relaxing hobby, and I try to spend an hour in the sewing/craft room at the end of every work day.

I thought you might like to see an Ann Martin original oil painting! When I was growing up, an artist not far from my elementary school taught art classes for children. It was my first real exposure to art and to using oil paint, and the classes were wonderful. I was in the second grade when I painted this picture, which is now hanging in the room where I keep all the toys and board games for visiting kids to play with. It seems like an appropriate place!
I hope you enjoyed this peek into my life at home. If you’d like to see some additional pictures, just click on the photo album link on this page. And now it’s time to get Sadie’s leash and bundle up and head outside for our lunchtime walk. We’re not afraid of ten-degree weather and a little snow!
Happy reading!