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Let the Holidays Begin

November 2009

Hi, readers!

After an unusually cool and rainy Hudson Valley summer, we were rewarded with a gorgeous, picture-perfect autumn. The days have been crisp and sunny, and the fall foliage was magnificent. With the exception of the oak trees, all the leaves are long gone, and many people are predicting a hard winter. One of the reasons for this prediction is the unusually high number of acorns produced by the oaks, presumably to supply the squirrels with enough food for a long winter. I hope the prediction is right, because I'd love to have several good storms that bring snow-blanketed landscapes, and of course, a few snow days for the kids. I have many fond memories of snow days when I was growing up.

Still, I do hope the snow holds off for a little while so I can spend Thanksgiving in New York City with my family. My father will be joining me, my sister Jane, her husband Doug, and my nephew Henry for Thanksgiving dinner. Over the past few years we've established some fun traditions, including attending a matinee performance of the Big Apple Circus on Friday, followed by dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We all enjoy the circus, but I honestly think my dad likes it the best!

I've been working hard to meet my writing deadlines because I like to take December off to prepare for the holidays. It's a good thing, too, because December usually ends up being the busiest month of the year for me. Long-time readers know that I like to make a number of my Christmas gifts, and this year is no exception. Right now I'm working on flannel pajamas and nightgowns for the kids on my list, most of whom are too big now for the smocked outfits I used to sew for them. I'm also making cross-stitched ornaments for some of my friends. I add a velveteen backing to the cross-stitched piece, some red piping, and a satin bow. I hope I finish the rest of them before people start trimming their trees!

In addition to my sewing projects, there are gifts to wrap, errands to run, and Christmas cards to write and mail. I'm excited about this year's picture (hint: my dog, Sadie, likes it, too), and I promise to post the card on the website in January. Christmas Day will find me in the city with my family, and if this year is like previous years, we'll spend the day relaxing, opening gifts, and eating terrific meals. I love it!

Finally, I'm hoping to celebrate New Year's Eve in Delaware with good friends from college. This is a visit that was rescheduled from last year, because – guess what? – a snowstorm canceled our plans. We'll give it another try this year, but if the prediction for winter weather comes true, I may end up snowbound and snuggled in my own house, ringing in the new year with Sadie!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,