Best Picture Books to Reinforce Important Social and Emotional Skills for Preschoolers

The new school year has lots of change. Our favorite picture books are here to help!

Sep 01, 2023



Best Picture Books to Reinforce Important Social and Emotional Skills for Preschoolers

Sep 01, 2023

In addition to developing a strong academic  foundation, cultivating social skills is a key component to children’s growth and success — both in and out of the classroom. As kids head back to school, reintroduce social-emotional learning with stories to help them start the new year with confidence. 

From learning how to share to building new friendships to navigating their emotional world, healthy interpersonal skills enable kids to thrive into adulthood. Plus, these lifelong skills will build self-esteem and confidence as kids deepen their understanding of themselves and others. 

No matter their age or stage of emotional development, picture books are a great way to help kids grow with the characters they love. Featuring relatable storylines and captivating illustrations, this curated list of titles will instill important values, such as kindness and courage

For instance, Rocket and Groot: Little Groot, Big Feelings is a charming story that introduces different ways to cope with big and little emotions. Meanwhile, This Tank is Mine! teaches readers that it can be fun to share when you have a friend by your side. 

Books about feelings are also the perfect tool to help kids open up about their emotions. Spark conversations with your child about how a certain character overcomes a challenge by asking questions like, "How do you think the character in the story is feeling?" and "Have you ever felt that way?”

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