17 Favorite Books About Courage for Kids

Use this list of children’s books to help teach kids about bravery and courage.
Sep 09, 2022



17 Favorite Books About Courage for Kids

Sep 09, 2022

As children begin to explore and learn more about the world around them, new experiences can seem scary. From going to the dentist for the first time to making new friends at school, these are all things that a child has to learn how to navigate. 

There are many ways parents can foster courage in their little ones — and books are at the top of the list! Children’s stories about courage not only model acts of bravery, but they also equip kids with tools and strategies to overcome their fears and take on new adventures with confidence.  

Children’s Books About Courage

An effective way to cultivate courage and bravery in kids is through books. From reading about a character who overcomes their biggest fear or learning about a historical hero who made a big difference in the world, children’s books about courage can help kids grasp just how strong they really are.

For instance, Princess Truly #5: I Am Brave! is a beautiful story about a young girl who goes on a camping trip with her brother, Ty. As their adventure unfolds, Princess Truly must help her brother be brave and muster courage within herself, too. This cute picture book highlights how Princess Truly overcomes big obstacles — and teaches Pre-K children how to cultivate courage. 

In Unicorn Diaries #3: Bo is Brave!, children will learn important lessons about teamwork and how to find the courage to stand up for themselves and others. This tale features captivating illustrations and charming characters, and is written with a relatable storyline that your child will absolutely love. 

I Color Myself Different shares the true story of celebrated athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick as a young boy. This beautiful book takes young readers on the life journey of a little boy learning to embrace who he is. It serves as a great example for young children and older kids to find their inner hero. 

Teaching Your Kids About Courage

These hand-selected titles help children learn how to approach everyday life with courage and show them that their fears aren’t always as scary as they seem. When kids feel brave, they are able to learn new skills, develop high self-esteem, and embrace different experiences and opportunities. 

Teaching children about bravery also helps them stay resilient through times of self-doubt and harness determination when facing a big challenge. Whether it’s overcoming obstacles, trying new things, making friends, or recovering from failures, courage supports children on their path to personal growth. 

Check out more books on how to talk to your child about courage. For more grade-level book lists, here are our best book recommendations that you can read together as a family!

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