Inspire Kids With Books About Kindness and Empathy

Encourage your child to be kind and accepting with these hand-selected titles.

By Scholastic Parents Staff
Apr 10, 2023



Inspire Kids With Books About Kindness and Empathy

Apr 10, 2023

For many parents, one of the most precious things they strive to give their children is the ability to be kind and empathetic to others. Sometimes it can seem like kids already have it down pat, like when they try to comfort you when you're sad or surprise a friend with a handmade gift. Other times, they grumble if they have to share their favorite toys with a sibling or are asked to work with a classmate they don't know very well.

Little readers will love following their favorite dino friends in How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Be Kind?, a rhyming, charming story about different ways to learn to be kind to everyone and make the world a better place. With the dinosaurs' signature hilarious shenanigans, kids will not only get some good laughs, but a long-lasting lesson in kindness and empathy.  

In the wonderful You Are Loved, children will explore bright, eye-catching illustrations and message of love and acceptance for who they are, no matter what. When a Friend Needs a Friend, meanwhile, tells the story of best friends Aya and Oskar, who play together every day. But when Oskar gets sad, his feelings overwhelm him and he pulls away from Aya, who feels hurt by his absence. This book is a great way to explain how to deal with big feelings and be an ally to someone who needs love and support. 

The discussion around kindess and empathy is an ongoing one, because these are traits we continue to learn how to nurture throughout our lives. That being said, these books will give your kids a strong foundation of values to live by — and as a result, you'll witness their everyday life flourishing with new friendships, feelings of fulfillment, and confidence in knowing how to do the right thing. 

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