The Best Books About Feelings Every Kid Should Read Before Turning 8

These relatable stories teach kids how to identify and manage their feelings by the time they're in upper elementary school.

Feb 26, 2024



The Best Books About Feelings Every Kid Should Read Before Turning 8

Feb 26, 2024

How we chose the books: 

  • Expert recommended: We asked the experts in our Trade Publishing division for their picks. 
  • Diversity and inclusion: We aim to highlight books featuring characters and stories from groups whose identities and lived experiences have been suppressed and excluded from mainstream narratives.
  • Timeless lessons: We included titles that hold valuable lessons about feelings for young children.

Learning how to manage feelings is like learning how to ride a bicycle: It can be scary and intimidating at first, but it gets easier with practice. Similarly, navigating their emotional world — while initially tricky — is an important life skill for kids. It's key for them to learn these lessons early in life, which is why we recommend your little ones read these children's books about feelings before turning 8 years old. 

Reading books about feelings can help your child learn how to put their feelings into words and regulate their emotions. These books model how children can respond to complex feelings through charming illustrations, relatable storylines, and loveable characters who kids can see themselves in.

For instance, You Are Enough is a colorful book that helps children see how wonderful their uniqueness is, and how to celebrate themselves and others, and is great for supporting your child's social-emotional learning. These resources will set your child up for success as they get ready to take on the changing social dynamics of upper elementary school. 

Your child will also love Princess Truly #4: I Am a Good Friend!. This book will show your child how wonderful it is to be a good friend to others and that even the smallest gestures matter!

When your child learns how to cope with their feelings, they’ll be able to grow their friendships, effectively communicate with adults, and more easily overcome personal setbacks. (Here’s how to talk to your kids about embracing failure.)

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