Best-Selling Books for Kids in Kindergarten

Fuel your child's love of reading and aid their literacy skills with these popular books!

Sep 09, 2022



Best-Selling Books for Kids in Kindergarten

Sep 09, 2022

As your child starts to develop early reading skills, it’s essential to support their momentum and natural curiosity at home.

In kindergarten, children begin to learn how to read. In doing so, they may reach key milestones such as acquiring the ability to rhyme, recognize letters and words, and retell simple stories. This list of best-selling books doubles as a set of tools to accelerate that reading growth and success.

These books not only help beginner readers build a strong foundation for literacy, but will also instill an avid love of stories. Kindergartners have a natural curiosity and fascination about the world around them, and books are a way to channel their tendency toward exploration — all while helping them develop essential skills. 

Your little learner will giggle and build confidence with widely loved books like The Little Butterfly That Could (titles like this one that feature short and repetitive sentences are ideal for beginner readers!). 

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