15 Books You'll Actually Love Reading Out Loud

These popular picks make story time more fun for both you and your kids.
Jan 24, 2020



15 Books You'll Actually Love Reading Out Loud

Jan 24, 2020

Be honest: During story time, do you ever get a little... bored? With the right read-aloud books, it won't be this way. These editors' picks have characteristics that make reading out loud more fun for both your kids and you. That's important because if your child sees you enjoying story time, they’ll be more likely to as well. 

On this list, there are silly books that won't get dull after repeated readings, like The Wonky Donkey (just ask this Scottish grandmother) and Pig the Winner (everyone will laugh when Pig's food bowl bounces onto his head as he's busy gloating!). You'll also find empowering and sentimental read-aloud books that other parents love, like I Love You Because You’re You

Shop remarkable read-alouds below, and you might just turn story time into your favorite time of day. You can browse all picture books at The Scholastic Store

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