Mental Health Resources

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A welcome from Lindsey Cotter, Chief Inclusion Officer of Scholastic

Every child has the right to feel emotionally and physically safe. Literacy forms a child’s ability to build knowledge, problem-solve and make connections to the world around them. At Scholastic, we put students first and are committed to providing books and resources that encourage positive experiences, cultivate joy, spark curiosity, and inspire imaginations both in and out of the classroom.


It’s critical that children learn to express themselves, master their emotions, and feel confident in their ability to navigate their surroundings, even amid life’s challenges. We recognize the increasing pressure on educators to address the mental health crisis among young people and want to help support them. Our hope is that these resources, gathered from leading child development specialists and authors, will provide the guidance needed as children, families, educators, and communities continue to build resilience.

About these resources

We curated resources to help students, families, and educators address mental health challenges in schools and communities. We know from research that stories are a powerful mechanism for building resilience and helping young people develop empathy and cultivate emotional intelligence. We hope these help you uplift, inspire, and energize students.

Advice From the Experts 

How To Cope – a Q&A with Dr. Steven Marans

Dr. Steven Marans

Steven Marans, Ph.D., MSW, is a psychoanalyst who specializes in the post-traumatic distress and treatment of acute, early, and long-term reactions to overwhelming events. Marans is the Director of the Childhood Violent Trauma Center and Co-developer of the Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention, a brief, early, evidence-based treatment that has proven effectiveness in interrupting and reducing post-traumatic disorders in children exposed to traumatic events.

Building Resilience – a Q&A with Dr. Michele Myers

Dr. Michele Myers

Michele Myers, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University. As a holistic, social justice educator, Dr. Myers is committed to ensuring that all children receive a humanizing education that honors their histories, heritages, literacies, languages, cultures, family structures, and communities as assets for learning. Dr. Myers recently co-authored Revolutionary Love (Scholastic, 2020) and The Educator’s Guide to Building Child and Family Resilience (Scholastic, 2023).

Dr. Linda C. Mayes Offers Insights Into Children’s Mental Health Challenges

Listen to the Director of the Yale Child Study Center talk about how we can support children’s emotional and physical health.

From the Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report™:

Research shows a link between reading for pleasure and mental health.

Dr. Linda C. Mayes, digs deeper into the research, including how families and educators can foster mental health through reading. Read the full article here.

Express Yourself Worksheets

These worksheets encourage students of all ages to express their feelings.

Early Elementary

Upper Elementary

Books that Explore Emotions

Introduce young readers to characters who are coping with troubling and big emotions.

  • Early Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Teenage

Parent and Family Tip Sheets

Helping Young Children with Traumatic Grief

Helping School-Aged Children with Traumatic Grief

Helping Teens with Traumatic Grief

Assisting Parents and Families in Coping with Collective Traumas