The Most Magical Children’s Fantasy Books of the Year

These thrilling titles will capture your child’s imagination and sharpen their literacy skills.

Feb 16, 2024



The Most Magical Children’s Fantasy Books of the Year

Feb 16, 2024

From witches and monsters to dragons and fairies, fantasy in children's literature allows your kid’s imagination to soar.

A good fantasy novel or series not only encourages your reader to get invested in longer, more complex plots, but also helps promotes world-building, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. These critical thinking skills set your child up to absorb more abstract and advanced concepts in other subjects, including science and math. 

Classic children’s fantasy books like Alice in Wonderland and the collective works of Roald Dahl have had a lasting, positive impact on young readers for generations. They’ve even inspired a whole new wave of creative retellings and graphic novels

This year, readers will experience the newest addition to the thrilling new Legends of Lotus Island series, Legends of Lotus Island #2: Into the Shadow Mist. Plum and her friends are excited to travel to Bokati Island to study with Guardian Master Em. The island is rather spooky, with a prevalent mist and an array of mysterious animals and plants. But when an unseen force begins to destroy the island's trees, the Guardians must spring into action and save the island and all of its inhabitants — all while Plum hides her own Guardian abilities from even her closest friends. 

Then, there’s the exciting Best Wishes #3: Time After Time.  When Lucy attends a trip to the Natural History Museum with her dad and his girlfriend, Ms Brock (who also happens to be the school librarian) she is stunned and mortified when her dad proposes to Ms Brock in front of everyone. If only Lucy could redo her entire day from scratch. That's where the magic bracelet comes in. Lucy is finally able to make her wish come true... until her day just keeps repeating, and is only getting worse and worse! 

Older readers will love immersing themselves in the pages of the second installment of The Witchery series, The Witchery Book #2: Shadow Coven. After defeating the Wolves, Jailah, Logan, Iris, and Thalia want nothing more than to relax during a well-earned vacation. But when each girl is met with her own frightening threat, the coven must fight to stay together... or lose their magic, and each other, forever. 

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