The Most Magical Children’s Fantasy Books of the Year

These thrilling titles will capture your child’s imagination and sharpen their literacy skills.

Nov 22, 2022



The Most Magical Children’s Fantasy Books of the Year

Nov 22, 2022

From witches and monsters to dragons and fairies, fantasy in children's literature allows your kid’s imagination to soar.

A good fantasy novel or series not only encourages your reader to get invested in longer, more complex plots, but also helps promotes world-building, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. These critical thinking skills set your child up to absorb more abstract and advanced concepts in other subjects, including science and math. 

Classic children’s fantasy books like Alice in Wonderland and the collective works of Roald Dahl have had a lasting, positive impact on young readers for generations. They’ve even inspired a whole new wave of creative retellings and graphic novels

More modern fantasy series that have taken the world by storm include the intricate, magical land of Harry Potter, the wonderful wizard, and the edge-of-your-seat plots and strong characters of The Hunger Games books. These books incorporate more relatable characters while infusing the plot lines with fantasy elements and magial universes that take readers beyond the ordinary life.

This year, readers will experience the newest addition to the thrilling Wings of Fire series, Wings of Fire #14: The Dangerous Gift — a riveting story about a young dragon queen. Snowfall didn’t expect to become queen of the IceWing territory, but she takes her responsibilities seriously and intends to be the best ruler she can be for her kingdom. Her plan is to keep her people within the borders of her realm — and all outsiders out — to protect them. But when a tribe of strange dragons comes to her kingdom in search of asylum, Snowfall will have to search deep within herself to make the right decision for all. 

Then, there’s the exciting Valentina Salazar Is Not a Monster Hunter, a story about a young girl whose family rescues magical creatures. When Val’s  father is killed on a mission gone wrong, her mother moves their family to a safe, quiet suburban home for a new, normal life. But when a mythical egg is found online, Val and her siblings vow to find it before it hatches and causes all kinds of chaos. 

Older readers will love immersing themselves in the pages of The Witchery. When Logan arrives in Haelsford, Florida to attend the Mesmortes Coven Academy, she is taken in by the Red Three, a group of powerful witches. But when fellow students start turning up dead during the Haunting Season, Logan and her mentors must join forces with humans to defeat an ancient evil. 

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