Hello! Hola! Introduce Your Kids to These 11 Bilingual Books

Use these titles to encourage your child's language development in both English and Spanish.
Oct 04, 2018



Hello! Hola! Introduce Your Kids to These 11 Bilingual Books

Oct 04, 2018

Whether you're teaching your child to be bilingual, or your child is a Spanish-language speaker working on learning English (or vice versa), bilingual children's books are a great tool to add to your family's bookshelves. And there are more bilingual books available on the market today than ever — making it easier for families to enjoy reading aloud together and strengthening second-language acquisition through the introduction of new words and sounds. These 11 dual language board books and picture books below are a great way to get started.

English-Spanish Books for Kids

1. From the day our little ones are born, it's important to start reading to them. How Do I Love You? ¿Cómo te quiero? by Marion Dane Bauer is an adorable board book to begin that bilingual reading journey. The story is about a loved one comparing the love for a child to concrete examples of things found in a child's world.

2. Songs are an excellent way to introduce a new language to your child. The Wheels on the Bus/Las ruedas del autobús by Elodie Pope is a catchy little tune that young children will adore. Plus, you can act out the song with hand motions while you sing.

3. Little ones will also enjoy the basic concepts such as names of colors while exploring the colors in the world with De colores/In All Colors by Elodie Pope. As you read, point to each color on the page and name the color in both Spanish and English.

4. Speaking of colors, Los pingüinos adoran los colores/Penguins Love Colors by Sarah Aspinall introduces us to six cute and colorful little penguins on a mission to create a beautiful surprise for Mama Penguin.

5. Familiar stories are also wonderful for learning a new language. When your child is already familiar with the storyline and the characters, it makes it easier to focus on the new language. Try Los Tres Cerditos (The Three Little Pigs) or La Sirenita (The Little Mermaid) by Luz Orihuela.

6. A new favorite in our house is Good Night, Mr. Panda/Buenos Noches, Sr. Panda by Steve Antony. Mr. Panda reminds the other animals about their nightly routines and gets pretty sleepy in the process. When it is time to crawl into bed, Mr. Panda is so tired he ends up somewhere other than his own bed.

7. ¡El gallo que no se callaba!/The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! by Carmen Agra Needy is the story of a new mayor who has banned singing in the noisy animal community. But a confident rooster refuses to be silenced. This story serves as a great message about being confident and being yourself.

8. Just as reading a poem radiates the beauty of language, there is something splendid about speaking another language. Hello Ocean, Hola Mar by Pam Muñoz is an illustrated poem that showcases the majesty of the ocean through a little girl's five senses.

9. Soccer/futbol fans will love reading about goals, shin guards, and athletes. Soccermania / Futbolmanía by Juan Pablo Lombana is packed with soccer trivia and facts. Plus, kids get to practice reading in two languages.

10. Older readers will also enjoy the bilingual poems in Cool Salsa by Lori Marie Carlson. Each poem reflects a slice of life in America as a Latino. The poems explore growing up with two cultures and two languages.

If you and your child wish to go deeper into the Hispanic culture, check out Books to Celebrate the Hispanic Heritage.

Agarra un libro and enjoy reading in dual languages!

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