15 Amazing Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Share these titles that embrace Hispanic culture, characters, and traditions with kids of all ages.
Sep 10, 2019



15 Amazing Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Sep 10, 2019

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15, but embracing the beauty and unique aspects of Hispanic culture with your child is of course an enriching experience all year long! 

These books reveal the rich history and warmth of the Hispanic heritage with sensitivty and wit, or are created by Hispanic authors and illustrators who weave their own unique experiences into the plots, stories, and artwork. Each of these remarkable titles deserves a spot on your bookshelf — and a conversation in your home. Browse all books for Hispanic Heritage Month at The Scholastic Store

Is your child learning or a native speaker of Spanish? Check out our list of dual language books to bring double the fun to story time. 

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