Books About Bullying for Middle Schoolers

These great reads help kids learn how to notice and react to the bullying they can witness at this age — whether or not they're the victim.



books about bullying middle school

It's easy to picture bullying as obvious teasing that happens in the schoolyard, but it can take many different forms, from cruel name-calling to physical threats and rumors started from behind a keyboard. These books not only show the dangers of bullying, but also model appropriate responses to it for kids in middle school.

This is so important because even if kids are not bullies or victims of bullying themselves, many are bystanders to it. Middle school brings with it cliques, social media, and shifting social dynamics that can make bullying easier and more hidden. However, these titles will give your child the guidance and experience to navigate tough situations — learning how to notice bullying, stop it, and learn from it. Kids can gain so much knowledge from someone else's experiences, even if that someone else is a book character. 

To continue the discussion with your child, here are books for all ages that promote kindness and empathy

Impactful Reads About Bullying

Age 13
Age 12
Age 11
Determination and Perseverance
School Life
Bullying Experiences
Confidence and Self-Esteem
Adjusting to School
Tolerance and Acceptance
Kindness and Compassion