Encouraging Kids' Books About Being Yourself

Explore stories that teach your reader how to be true to themselves and proud of what they can accomplish.

Sep 27, 2023



Encouraging Kids' Books About Being Yourself

Sep 27, 2023

There is a quote by Alvin H. Price, PhD, author of 101 Ways to Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem, that's worth remembering: “Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.”

All children are wonderfully unique. It's something to celebrate. By helping your child recognize and embrace the qualities that make them special, you'll boost their confidence and guide them to accept and value the differences they see in others

The books in this collection are great for inviting discussion with your children about the qualities and abilities that make us each different, and encouraging them to proud of what they can do now and confident to work hard to achieve whatever they dream of doing in the future. 

In Brave Dave, little readers will delight in the story of a little bear named Dave who lives in his older brother, Clarence's shadow. Clarence is tall, handsome, and brave... and Dave isn't. At least, that's what he thinks, because Dave is unique, and holds an unrealized talent that leads him to understand just how brave and special he truly is in his own right. 

Meanwhile, I Am Me: A Book of Authenticity is a wonderful book illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds that takes kids on a journey of self-discovery. With the message of self-acceptance and pure joy, this memorable book teaches that even though we may go through life trying to fit in, learning to shine our own light not only brings us the most happiness in our own lives, but also makes the world a better place.

Older readers will love Good Different, the story of middle school-aged Selah, who wears her "normal person" mask on a daily basis at school, even though she has to hide away in a bathroom stall at least once every day just to be able to let out her emotions in peace. But when she accidentally lets them out on one of her classmates, Selah is threatened with expulsion, and her friends and classmates distance themselves from her. Now, Selah must learn more about who she is and accept her own uniqueness — but will her school accept it, too? 

Meanwhile, Be True to Your Selfie is a relatable read about twelve-year-old Ella who has just become friends with the most popular girl in middle school, Morgan. But Ella's friendship with Morgan comes at the cost of ditching some of the things that she loves that make her who she is, like her favorite fantasy novels, and even her old best friend, Sophie. Ella feels bad about leaving her friend and her hobbies behind for Morgan, and when Morgan forbids Ella from taking part in a sport she deems too dorky, Ella must decide if her friendship with Morgan is worth losing who she really is.  

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