Books About Middle School to Ease the Transition

These reads will help your child prepare for middle school experiences this year with lessons about cliques, friendship, homework, and kindness.

Jun 22, 2022



Books About Middle School to Ease the Transition
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Jun 22, 2022

Books are a brilliant way of helping kids with transitions, and the transition to middle school can be a particularly tough one, for both kids and parents. 

The books in this list are brimming with the triumphs and tribulations of middle school, and they help kids realize that these so-called awkward years can be a positive time of insightful self-discovery. Featuring everything from coming-of-age stories to struggles with fitting in and making friends, they will help your child feel a little less alone and recognize the importance of being kind to others during these years.

Get ready for your child to go back to school with our guide — it's full of recommended books, teacher tips, homework help, and more resources for a successful school year. Plus, if you have a younger child as well, check out these books for elementary students

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