FASTT Math Next Generation provides quick and easy report snapshots as well as in-depth reports on student usage and performance.

NEW Teacher Dashboard

The NEW Teacher Dashboard provides anytime/anywhere access to the most important data to manage math instruction and provide additional interventions to those students who need it most.

  • Performance Data Snapshot
  • Usage Data Snapshot
  • Standards Snapshot
  • Notifications
  • Reports Scheduler

NEW Leadership Dashboard

The NEW Leadership Dashboard provides maximum transparency into the implementation data that matters the most to school and district leaders. Leaders can easily access individual school, grade, and class data to monitor implementation and performance.

NEW Teacher’s Guide

The NEW Teacher’s Guide provides a detailed overview of FASTT Math Next Generation, State Standards alignments, and additional lessons for struggling students. Available in hardcover and online for 24/7 access.

Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM)

The Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM), a comprehensive online management system, collects and clearly organizes student performance data and accountability requirements, and supports district-wide data aggregation for teachers, administrators, and technology leaders.

Student Components Management & Reporting