Research Overview

Developed by Dr. Ted Hasselbring, FASTT Math employs the research-validated FASTT algorithm (Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology) to build fact fluency—retrieval of facts with accuracy, automaticity, and understanding. Designed to carefully manage cognitive load, the FASTT algorithm uses the expanding recall model to help students move facts from working memory to long-term memory by strategically interspersing new facts with fluent facts, controlling response time, and providing instant corrective feedback.

The FASTT Math approach has been validated over several years of research with students struggling with fact fluency as well as students learning math facts for the first time.

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Dr. Ted Hasselbring

Dr. Ted Hasselbring

FASTT Math is the result of over two decades of research conducted by Dr. Ted Hasselbring, Co-Director of the Learning Technology Center at Vanderbilt University. This research on using technology to provide instruction and intervention is the basis
of the FASTT algorithm.

Research Validated and Classroom Tested

FASTT Math is proven effective both as an intervention for Title I, Special Education, or at-risk students, and as a core program for students learning math facts for the first time.

Research Evidence Chart Research Evidence Chart