FASTT Math Next Generation provides real-time access to essential data to ensure successful implementation.

SAM Reports

The Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM) is a comprehensive online management system for all Scholastic products. SAM includes nine actionable reports that provide educators with the information they need to fine-tune math instruction and improve student performance. Progress reports can be easily shared with families, administrators, and students.

NEW Teacher & Leadership Dashboards

  • Performance Data Snapshots: Automatically identify which students are fluent, near-fluent, developing, or underperforming in FASTT Math—without needing to run a full report in SAM.
  • Usage Data Snapshots: Determine which students are using FASTT Math on-model (3–5 times per week) and which are off-model (less than 3 times per week).
  • Standards Data Snapshot: Identify which students have mastered specific objectives, such as using properties of addition and subtraction, fluently adding and subtracting within 100, adding and subtracting multiples of 10, and using properties of multiplication and division.
  • Notifications: Display real-time progress and results via a News Feed.
Educator Components