Fluency and Automaticity—Critical Skills for Success

By the end of third grade, the standards call for students to be fast and accurate with math facts in all four operations. FASTT Math will help your students get there—FASTT!

FASTT Math is a must-have solution for all students in Grades 2 and beyond, both those who are accelerating their acquisition of math facts as well as those who are struggling to catch up. FASTT Math’s adaptive technology creates an individualized learning progression for every student, and embedded assessment ensures math fact mastery. Students will be enthralled by our 18 NEW games, and educators will appreciate how easy FASTT Math is to implement. Progress monitoring couldn’t be easier with NEW Student and Educator Dashboards.

About Fast Math
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FASTT Math Next Generation:

  • Anytime/Anywhere Access
  • 18 NEW Games
  • NEW! Teacher Dashboard
  • NEW! Leadership Dashboard
  • NEW! Student Dashboard
  • NEW! Teacher’s Guide
  • English and Spanish
  • Proven Effective: 10-Minute
    Instructional Sessions

Research Validated: Instructional Model That Builds Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching and Technology (FASTT )

Initial Math Fact Fluency Assessment

Adaptive to meet individual needs, FASTT Math establishes a baseline of math fact fluency, identifying exactly which facts need to be targeted for intervention. The initial assessment is administered once and takes approximately 10 minutes.

Adaptive Instruction

Adaptive Math Fact Instruction

FASTT Math provides scaffolded, daily instructional sessions, individualized for each student. Instruction focuses on targeted facts students need to learn, based on the assessment.

Independent Practice

Independent Practice

Students get fluent faster by practicing what they’ve learned in engaging and motivating games.  FASTT Math Next Generation has 18 games that build mastery and confidence through adaptive, independent practice.

Math Fact Mastery

With the NEW Student Dashboard students gain ownership of their learning. Motivated by seeing themselves moving forward every day, students will reach their goals even faster.