FASTT Math delivers a personalized learning path for each student, driven by ongoing formative assessment. Every student has a unique experience, building math fact fluency at the pace and level adapted specifically for that student.

Instructional Software

Initial Assessment

FASTT Math establishes a baseline of math fact fluency, identifying exactly which facts each student knows and doesn’t know. This assessment is administered once and takes approximately 10 minutes.

Fact Grid

The Fact Grid visually tracks which facts a student knows fluently—with those that are both fast and accurate in blue, and those which they still need to learn in white.

Visual and Auditory Instruction

FASTT Math provides bite-sized, daily instructional sessions individualized for each student. Instruction focuses on facts students need to learn, based on the assessment.

Immediate Corrective Feedback

Students receive corrective feedback if they answer a question incorrectly or spend too much time on a fact.

Study New Facts

After a student completes an instruction session, he or she can practice speed and accuracy with those facts in 12 independent practice games.

Initial Assessment
Fact Grid
Immediate Corrective Feedback
Study New Facts

NEW Math Fact Fluency Games

FASTT Math Next Generation offers 12 NEW engaging and motivating math games where students gain fluency—and confidence—by practicing just their newly learned and fluent facts. FASTT Math’s proven software leverages the power of adaptive technology to meet students’ needs through fun, individualized practice.


STRETCH-To-Go is the NEW anytime/anywhere destination for math fact fluency and more rigorous practice designed to meet more advanced Common Core State Standards like inverse relationships, recognizing unknowns, multidigit operations, associative and commutative properties, number composition, and fact families. Students get fluent faster with adaptive practice that can happen anytime/anywhere there is an Internet connection.

With six engaging and rigorous STRETCH-To-Go math games, the software creates an individualized learning progression for each student based on their performance to ensure that every student is appropriately challenged.

Students can access STRETCH anywhere there is an Internet connection. Existing users: Download FAQs

NEW Student Dashboard

As one leading cognitive scientist says, “The brain is addicted to success.” That’s why FASTT Math Next Generation is built to feed your students’ addiction. With the NEW Student Dashboard, students get to see themselves moving forward every day while gaining ownership of their learning. After all, nothing motivates like success.

NEW Advanced Motivation System

NEW progress trackers and trophies provide evidence of success early and often. As students progress, they are also able to unlock new screen designs aligned with their interests.

Math Worksheets

Customized practice pages help students transfer their learning from online to offline. They are a great way to extend learning into take-home or classroom activities.

Educator Components