Success Stories

FASTT Math helps more than one million students nationwide become math fact fluent and gives them the confidence they need to succeed in math. And now, the all-new FASTT Math Next Generation is Smarter, Faster, and More Fun than ever! Read on for accounts of how FASTT Math impacts math classrooms.

As a sneak peek of one of the 18 all-new games in FASTT Math Next Generation, Sushi Monster is available FREE on the App Store. See what educators are saying!
  • “We LOVE Sushi Monster at our school. We had students playing on the iPads in centers and also teachers using the iPad on a projector to have the kids solve the problems first, then check with the sushi monsters. What a fantastic app!”
    - Lea K.
  • “I downloaded Sushi Monster this week on my classroom iPad and my students are BEGGING to play it! Every time I hand one of my students the iPad, Sushi Monster is their first choice! From my struggling math students to my students needing enrichment, Sushi Monster has helped encourage my students and challenge them! I’ve used FASTT Math with my students so I am so excited to see the ‘Next Generation!’”
    - Amanda L.
  •  “Love it! What a great way for the kids to practice math facts and have fun. I want more!”
    - Jane K.
Baton Rouge Center for Visual & Performing Arts, Baton Rouge, LA
  • “My school uses FASTT Math currently and the kids love it! Ten minutes a day of usage with fidelity and you CAN see results! Basic math facts fluency DOES increase.”

  • FASTT Math was one of the easiest programs to implement. From managing the classes, creating assignments, and running reports, the program is very intuitive. Classroom teachers have indicated that students find the program engaging and enjoy the games. Unlocking bonus features and tracking their improvement with the Fact Grid are big motivators.”

  • FASTT Math has motivated our students to master the material and move to new levels quickly. They are so excited to be able to see their own progress, and to know exactly where they continue to need extra help.”

  • “I was amazed at the difference I saw in my students. They were enthusiastic and eager to use FASTT Math each day. What I was most astonished by was the change in the students’ confidence towards math.”

  • “Everyone at our school is passionate about FASTT Math. Teachers relate that students are rapidly increasing their math fact fluency in just ten fun-filled minutes daily. The reporting features make student progress simple to monitor and are easily understood by parents. Best of all, our students can’t get enough FASTT Math. In fact, given the choice I’d bet that our students would opt for FASTT Math over recess.”