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Today I baby-sat for a pair of animals. Literally! How was I supposed to know they were dogs when the client called the Baby-sitters Club? Though, the fact that their names were Buffy and Pinky should have been my first red flag. In any case, the experience was a total nightmare. By the time the owner returned, I had decided something important. The members of the Baby-sitters Club should keep a notebook. Each time one of us finished a job, we should write it up in the notebook and the others should read about it. That way we could learn about each other’s experiences. With a little luck, we wouldn’t make any mistake more than once. For instance, no more dog-sitting.
My first job thru the Baby-sitters Club was last Saturday. I was sitting for Jamie Newton only it wasn’t just for Jamie it was for Jamie and his three cousins. Four kids altogether. Mrs. Newton didn’t tell me that over the phone. Anyway, the kids were Jamie plus Rosie who was three, Brenda who was five and Rob who was eight. And boy were they wild! To think that Kristy thought she had it bad with the dogs. Fortunately, I found a way to survive the afternoon, but the next time there are four kids there really should be two sitters there.
I was baby-sitting for Watson’s kids today. I don’t know what Kristy always makes such a fuss about. Watson’s kids are cute. Karen is five and Andrew is three. I think Kristy would like them if she ever baby-sat for them. Are you reading this Kristy? I hope so. Well, I can’t say the entire session was problem free. The kids were well behaved, but Boo-Boo the cat was a bit of a problem, and Mrs. Porter, the old woman nextdoor, was the biggest problem of all. Boo-Boo hates strangers and attacks them at any chance he gets. As for Mrs. Porter, well Watson claims she’s just eccentric, but she might actually be a genuine, spell-casting, broom-riding witch. Beware of Boo-Boo and Mrs. Porter when you sit for Watson’s kids.
Yesterday I baby-sat for Kristy’s little brother, David Michael. Kristy told us to write in the Baby-sitters Club Notebook so we could keep track of any problems we had with Baby-sitters Club jobs, but taking care of David Michael was no trouble at all. He was very good. While Kristy was chasing around after those two elephants, Punky and Miffy, or whatever their names are, I was having a fine time with David Michael. Not to mention, I met Kristy’s older brother, Sam. He decided to stay around and played board games with David Michael and I. Oh, I can’t stand it. He is absolutely gorgeous!
Just finished babysitting for the Pikes. Even though there are eight Pike children, I was only watching three of them. Mrs. Pike is really organized, full of energy, and a big help. She always leaves really yummy snacks for the kids and keeps all of her emergency contact info on the fridge. The kids were full of energy as usual, but we had a great time together. Besides a skinned knee (took a Band-Aid from my kid kit), everyone was really well behaved.
Let me make one thing clear: Alan Gray is the most disgusting boy in this whole solar system. He’s been awful since kindergarten. Probably, since birth. And I can tell you it’s no picnic having Alan sit right behind me in class. Yesterday he told Mr. Peters that I was late for class because I have to go the doctor for a flea bath. It’s awful! He really hates me. He doesn’t bother anyone else half as much as he bothers me. What a rat!
I saw Trevor Sandbourne in the hall today. He is the most gorgeous boy in the entire seventh grade. And he happens to have the most romantic name in the whole world. Trevor has jet black hair and dark, brooding eyes and freckles on his nose. He walks through the halls looking serious and deep in thought, and he writes poetry for The Literary Voice, our school’s creative journal. I never dreamed I would fall in love with a poet. The only problem is that Trevor and I don’t have any clases together, so we don’t know each other at all. He probibly doesn’t even know I’m alive. I’m glad I have my privacy settings on this post. You have no idea. I would literally die of embarassment if he read this!
Today I brought in some gifts to our club meeting. I brought a red ski hat for Jamie Newton and a little pink hat for Mrs. Newton’s new baby. I was so proud; the girls thought I bought them, but I actually made them! I’ve been learning how to knit from Mimi. Claudia told me she was dying to teach someone. It’s really nice because she remembers a lot about my mom and tells me about her when we work. My next gift is going to be a scarf for my father. It will be a little more difficult, but with Mimi’s help it shouldn’t be a problem.
I’m so worried about my upcoming appointment with Dr. Barnes. I don’t know anything about him but my parents are convinced he will have some miracle cure for my diabetes. Apparently, he’s a “holistic” doctor. When my mother first said that I thought she meant like a “holy or faith-healing” doctor. Although, according to one of my sitting-charge’s parents, Dr. Johanssen was telling me he might as well be. She thinks he’s unqualified. I’m so nervous and I’m just so tired of missing school and going to these new doctors. I want a little stability in my life for once.
I can’t believe my mom is dating Mary Anne’s dad. It’s so great. They’ve been going out on dates almost every other night this week. Mom went through a rough time when she and Dad split up, so it makes me happy to see her so excited about Mr. Spier. It also makes me happy that Mary Anne can wear cooler clothes and let her hair down! Her dad has been a lot less protective since he started dating my mom. Maybe they’ll get married? Then Mary Anne would be my sister! How cool would that be?

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