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Stacey McGill
Quick Facts


  • Anastasia Elizabeth McGill


  • April 3

  • New York, NY
    (Though now that I live in Stoneybrook, Connecticut,
    it feels like home!)

  • Treasurer
My Books
My Favorite Photos
About Me
I love doing anything that involves math. I also speak French very well since my school in the city taught us starting in kindergarten. I have diabetes, but SHHH, I don’t like everyone to know— sometimes people treat me differently when they find out. My condition can be a pain since it makes my parents worry so much.
My Journal
My Favorite Things
BOYS (Kristy's brother is a hunk!), fashion, shopping 'til I drop, hanging out with Claudia, Broadway shows, and the Baby-sitters Club (it's how I made so many close friends!).
Stacey's Horoscope: ARIES
If your birthday is March 21- April 19, you're a Aries too! You love having the freedom to make your own decisions and you tend to accept even the hardest of challenges with fire in your eyes. Nothing's going to stop you!
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