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Dawn Schafer
Quick Facts


  • Dawn Read Schafer

  • February 5

  • Palo City, California

  • Alternate Officer
My Books
My Favorite Photos
About Me
I’m very much concerned about the environment and I’m a vegetarian. I recently moved to Stoneybrook with my mom and my brother, Jeff. We used to live in California until my parents got a divorce. I like clothes that are relaxed and laid back—the other girls call my style “California casual.” (But I just call it “me”!)
My Journal
My Favorite Things
Individuality, warm weather, the environment, ghost stories, babysitting, taping movies from the television, and my new best friend, Mary Anne.
Dawn's Horoscope:
If your birthday is January 21st - February 18th, you’re an Aquarius too! When it comes to telling the truth, honesty is your policy. You prefer order and would love it if your entire life could be planned out step by step.

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