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Claudia Kishi
Quick Facts


  • Claudia Lynn Kishi

  • July 11

  • Stoneybrook, CT

  • Vice President
My Books
My Favorite Photos
About Me
I'm Japanese-American. I'm really good at art and painting, but I don't try very hard at other schoolwork because it's hard to compare to my genius sister, Janine. I also live with my grandmother, Mimi, who knows the answers to everything!
My Journal
My Favorite Things
Boys, dressing up, boys, being creative, did I mention boys? And my grandmother Mimi, who is the absolute best person in the world! Also: painting, junk food (I have a huge stash in my bedroom, but don’t tell my parents!), hanging out with Stacey. And, of course, BOYS.
Horoscope: Cancer
If your birthday is June 22 - July 22, you're a Cancer too! Creativity is your gift. You are as loyal to your passion as you are to your friends.

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