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Mary Anne Spier
Quick Facts


  • Mary Anne Spier

  • September 22

  • Stoneybrook, CT

  • Secretary
My Books
My Favorite Photos
About Me
I'm a bit shy. I'm very proud of my ability to organize and my neat handwriting. My mom died when I was really little, so I never got to know her that well. Since my mom's been gone my dad became super overprotective. Sometimes he still treats me like I'm the one who needs a babysitter! I just can't wait until I'm old enough to be on my own. I want to move to New York City, visit all the great museums, and wear cute outfits like Stacey.
My Journal
My Favorite Things
Organization, hanging out with Kristy, being in the Baby-Sitters Club, and when my dad treats me like my age (RARE!).
Mary Anne's
Horoscope: Virgo
If your birthday is August 23- September 22, you’re a Virgo too! You can be shy, but you are also quick-thinking and observant. You are pragmatic and love taking care of others.

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