Summer Activities to Jump-Start Learning

With these Klutz kits, your child will have a blast practicing reading, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Apr 09, 2022



Summer Activities to Jump-Start Learning

Apr 09, 2022

Summer’s long days are ideal for your child to explore their creativity. During this somewhat unstructured time, kids can use Klutz craft kits to play while also building up skills. The crystal-clear instructions, custom tools, and high quality materials will empower kids to create everything from charming clay animals to tie-dye soap and more. 

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Paint & Peel Jelly Stickers

Have your child use custom Jelly Paint to trace sticker designs from penguins to rainbows, then simply let the paint dry. This kit comes with everything needed to make up to 60 reusable stickers with rhinestones and wiggly eyes. These stickers are perfect for phone cases, water bottles, and screens. 

Tiny Fashion Studio

Kids can unleash their inner fashion designer with this kit! They'll learn how to turn stylish dreams into a small-scale paper fashion collection. (No sewing machine required.) Here's how it works: Your child will choose more than 40 trendy patterns, trace the stencil shapes, and cut out new fabulous fashions.

DIY Barrettes, Bows & Hair Ties 

Your child will take advantage of simple techniques to make 15 chic and trendy hair accessories! They can deck out alligator clips and bobby pins with sparkly rhinestones, fuzzy pom-poms, gold letters, and other trinkets. With this kit, they'll learn to make faux leather bows and super cute hair ties with simple bejeweled bows!

Sew Squishy Cubes 

Designed for beginners, the kit includes everything your child needs to make three squishy felt creations: a unicorn, a phoenix, and an on-trend yeti. Each animal is made with felt pieces pre-cut with holes for extra-simple sewing. Once their projects are stitched and stuffed, your child can customize each cube with stickers and faux fur with felt-friendly double-stick tape.

Tropical Tie-Dye Soap 

From right in your kitchen, your child can make coconut papaya scented soaps! Theis kit also includes ideas for using the included materials in creative ways and whipping up spa recipes with ingredients your child can find in your kitchen.

Rainbow Daydream Soap

With this kit, your child can make four Flower Power scented melt-and-pour soaps using moon and rainbow molds. The kit includes a sudsy soap base that melts easily in a microwave or double boiler. All your child will need to do is add the custom scent, then pour the soap into the molds of their choice.

Light-Up Rock & Gem Collection 

Packed with 29 unique rocks, gems, and minerals, this is the perfect kit for your child to start or expand a rock collection. They can build a color changing light-up display with an agate slice. Then, kids have an option: They use it as a lamp, or study the stones up close with the included magnifying glass. Learn fun facts about each rock in the fully colored 32-page book including six experiments!

My Cat & Mermaid Friends 

Your child will build fine motor skills and learn to sew with a cat-tastic mermaid and her sweet sea critter friends. They can start with simple lacing cards featuring a seashell and sea star, before diving into the three felt projects: seahorse, narwhal, and a cute cat mermaid. 

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