4 Tips to Make Reading Your Child's Go-To Summer Activity

Enjoy hours of family quiet time by helping your child get captivated by a good read.

Jun 10, 2024



4 Tips to Make Reading Your Child's Go-To Summer Activity

Jun 10, 2024

As you look ahead to the long days of summer break, keep in mind that reading is the best activity for your child to stay connected to learning! Reading will not only help your growing reader get lost in stories about new worlds, but it'll also give them something to look forward to during hours of peaceful quiet time. 

Most kids are well aware that summer reading provides enjoyment and benefits their literacy far beyond the summer months, according to the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report. In fact, 61 percent of kids enjoy summer reading, and most want picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels. In addition, 52 percent of kids also say they enjoy going to community events that involve reading.

Here are four tips and strategies Scholastic senior library manager Deimosa Webber-Bey recommends to help your kids read all summer. 


1.  Pack Up the Home 'Classroom'

If your child has been practicing their skills or doing their homework in a specific area, you may have recreated the school environment at home by designating a certain spot for homework (perhaps with items like pencil sharpeners and notepads). But for summer reading, you don’t need all of those supplies. Instead, emphasize just how enjoyable reading for fun can be. 

“Maybe now you want to symbolically turn that 'classroom' space into a cozy reading corner or a book fort,” says Webber-Bey. Partner up with your child to create a summer reading space that feels relaxed, cheerful, and perfectly cozy — even if it’s one small corner of the kitchen or a window sill they love sitting at. 

2. Connect With Other Readers (Even If It’s Virtually)

Team up with other parents to build a strong, supportive summer reading network, says Webber-Bey. You might discover a fun and creative way to keep your kids reading during this time, whether it’s through a virtual book club, a book pen pal (your child can write letters or emails about what they’re reading), or something as simple as a video call with a classmate to discuss a book they’re both devouring.

This opens doors for children to connect over their shared love of reading, which will make diving into new books all the more exciting for them. 

3. Share Your Love of Reading Together 

It's also a great idea to join in on the summer reading alongside your child, says Webber-Bey. Whether you’re reading the same books or grown-up titles tailored to your own interests, reading alongside your child will underscore the value of reading.

“Show your child that reading can be a relaxing way to reset,” says Webber-Bey. 

Sharing your love of reading is a great way to bond with your child and create wonderful new summer memories and traditions.

4. Celebrate the Positive

One of the most important things you can do this summer and beyond is to compliment and celebrate all of your child’s reading achievements. “When you catch your kid in a positive reading moment, compliment them and affirm what they’re doing,” says Webber-Bey. “That’s reinforcing good behavior.”

Keep your child reading over the summer with expert tips and book recommendations with our summer reading guide — plus, discover how to help kids read constantly. And don't forget to check out our summer reading challenge, which is a great way to motivate kids to keep reading throughout the break.

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Deimosa Webber-Bey, MSLIS, MSEd, is the Senior Librarian, Manager at Scholastic Inc., where she leads a team of librarians that are responsible for the corporate archive and that answer reference and readers’ advisory questions for employees.

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