10 Summer Activities to Jump-Start Learning

With these Klutz kits, your child will have a blast practicing reading, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
May 28, 2020



10 Summer Activities to Jump-Start Learning

May 28, 2020

Summer’s long days are ideal for skill-boosting projects. During this somewhat unstructured time, kids can use Klutz activity kits to tap into their creative abilities and practice important literacy and STEM skills. 

For instance, with the trending Klutz: Make Your Own Tiny Camper kit, your child can assemble a mini camper and use included sequins, fabric, and other materials to customize it. To make magical sea creature-shaped soaps, mermaid-obsessed kids will need to read (and follow) instructions and engage their senses.

Meanwhile, with the Klutz: Maker Lab: Ultimate Spy Vault & Code Kit, kids learn the fundamentals of how electricity works, while building an alarm to keep their valuables safe. Any LEGO-lover will be excited for Klutz: LEGO Chain Reactions, an activity that brings basic physics principles to life. 

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