New Klutz Activity Kits Just in Time for Craft Month

They’re designed to help your child learn through creating and reading.
Mar 02, 2020



New Klutz Activity Kits Just in Time for Craft Month

Mar 02, 2020

March is National Craft Month! New Klutz activity kits will help you share the joy of creating, decorating, sewing, bedazzling, and reading with your child. 

Your adventurous kid who loves to explore outdoors (but also appreciates a bit of glam!) will have the chance to build their own glamping experience with the Make Your Own Tiny Camper kit. Meanwhile, animal lovers will go wild for the Sew Your Own Fluffy Cat Pillow and Sew Your Own Donut Animals kits. 

You can also celebrate spring together with the Fabulous Flowers kit, which gives kids the opportunity to make flowery crafts. 

Klutz kits are unique because they’re not just activity kits: They also come with books that encourage problem solving, following directions, and reading comprehension. They’re a great way to brighten the day for your child, all while teaching them valuable new skills. 

Shop these new Klutz activity kits now! You can find all Klutz kits at The Scholastic Store

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