3 Klutz Craft Kits That Will Boost Your Child’s Learning Skills

Here are the amazing benefits they can have for kids.
Mar 15, 2021



Mar 15, 2021

Hands-on learning through crafting is one of the best ways to delight and engage kids in learning throughout the year. What’s more, there are seriously impressive benefits of crafting for your little learner. 

From developing resilience and patience to sharpening attention to detail, kids will develop a wide range of skills with these Klutz craft kits featured during Klutz Craft Month!

1. Sew Mini Treats


The Klutz: Sew Mini Treats crafting kit gives kids the chance to stitch and stuff their own pretend foods! It comes with instructions, patterns and materials for 18 cheerful, itty-bitty food items — an instant recipe for fun. 

Sewing promotes a growth mindset and resilience, and it also requires practice and patience. Because of that, learning how to sew will teach kids it’s OK to take time building their abilities. The step-by-step instructions are designed for the total beginner, so no need for your child to know how to thread a needle to get started.

Crafters can choose exactly which foods they want to make and how to customize them. Your child wants a pepperoni pizza with green peppers and a grin? How about a plain cheese slice with an adorably angry face? These faces aren’t just fun: They show a wide range of emotions, helping kids express and talk about their feelings.

Older crafters tend to help younger crafts with this kit, making it a great bonding experience for families and intergenerational relationship building. 


2. Make Your Own Tiny Camper

Kids can design their own glamping-ready getaway with the Klutz: Make Your Own Tiny Camper craft kit. They’ll use fabric, sequins, and other materials to customize a home on wheels with more than 20 DIY accessories.

Teensy miniatures are comforting for children, who love the creative control over a space they can call their own. The set is scaled for any 3-inch tall figurine, encouraging kids to play with toys they already have in new ways. 

There’s also a wide variety in the craft materials, from fabric and stuffing to mini wooden planks, yarn, sequins, clay, and more, which encourages kids to explore mixed media. This kit taps into the appeal of home designing on a small scale: Kids can choose, build, and arrange furniture to create their ideal campsite.

While the main camper fits together quickly, the smaller projects encourage patience and attention to detail, including measuring skills. The finished project is easy to scale up or down — decorate it only as much as you want. This kid includes ideas for repurposing materials from home, such as making a tiny campfire with twigs and tissue paper, and inspirational images for a custom camper renovation.


3. Mini Bake Shop

Have a blossoming baker on your hands? The Klutz: Mini Bake Shop kit gives kids the chance to create and decorate their own mini cakes, cookies, and pies with easy-peasy, no-bake, air-dry clay. 

This kit builds decision-making skills, and the projects are easy to customize with different colors, faces, and papercraft accessories. With no special tools required, air-dry clay is a sensory, tactile material. Your child will feel pride in their creative accomplishments as they show off their work on a cake stand or in a bakery box.

Crafts like this one spark creativity through sweet treats, and require attention to detail in crafting faux flowers, sprinkles, and other fun details. This can also be a very social craft activity that’s easy to share among kids of different ages who are working on their own baked projects at the same time.


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